Accessing Content FAQ

How Do I Access Supporter-Only Content?

Some creators offer content just for supporters such as gallery images and posts only available to recent one-off supporters, monthly recurring supporters, or members of a tier.

You'll need a Ko-fi account to unlock this content. If you do not have a Ko-fi account you can register for a supporter account.


If you've supported a creator without first creating a Ko-fi account you can still get access to that content. We send an email when you pay as a guest, click the section at the bottom of the email we sent you to sign up and link that payment to your Ko-fi account.


I Haven’t Received My Commission or Item

  1. Find the details of your purchase through your Payments History and review the terms of your purchase. Check if there was an agreed date to receive your commission or item.
  2. If you are due your commission or item, reach out to the Creator. Message them through their preferred method (if agreed, when you purchased the commission) and through Ko-fi direct message.

    Send a direct message by going to the Creator's page (under their profile pic) > "Send a Message".

  3. If you have been waiting for a response for 7 days, you have the option to dispute your payment with the Creator. Start a claim with your card payment provider or raise a dispute with PayPal.

    If you have any questions or have issues sending a message please get in touch with the details of your purchase.