What personal information is shared on Ko-fi as a creator?

On Ko-fi, we collect only very basic details from creators (you don’t even have to use your real name) and we make sure we don’t share any more information than we need to.

Payments go straight to your own PayPal or Stripe account - we don't hold onto your money and then payout. These payment providers do share some information as they process the payment.


Can I access information about my supporters?

You’ll be able to see your supporters display name and email address. When they support you they can choose to make their message private (so only you see it). At anytime you can download your supporter information from My Supporters and your payment information from Payments History.



Do supporters need a Ko-fi account to donate?

No, we don’t want to add any barriers to you receiving support. They can simply add a display name, email address and optionally choose to leave you a message. If you offer rewards only available to supporters we will prompt them to create an account in order to access those rewards.


What about sending physical items?

If you sell physical items, or membership tiers with physical items as rewards, we collect and share supporter address details so you know where to send items. Some couriers require a phone number too so you can request that as part of the shipping information.


What personal information is shared by payment providers?

We don't control what payment providers share, so reach out to them if you need to know more about their data sharing. Here’s a basic summary:


What information does PayPal share?

Whether you're using a personal or business PayPal account can affect what information is shared during transactions. Personal accounts typically display your legal name and email. If you prefer more privacy or control, consider a PayPal Business account. This allows you to choose the name and email displayed during transactions. Upgrading to a business account is usually free.


What information does Stripe share?

If you use Stripe, the supporter will usually see the ‘descriptor’ on their bank statement, not your personal details, but this varies depending upon the banks involved. Please contact Stripe directly for more information. You can change this descriptor at any time in your Stripe settings (settings > public details > descriptors). Learn more about setting up Stripe.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌