I've Used the Wrong PayPal Email Address

Changing Your Email Address

If you've used the wrong PayPal email address on Ko-fi the first thing to do is correct your PayPal email address in Settings > Payments. This will ensure future payments are sent to the PayPal account associated with that address.


What if Payments Have Already Been Made to the Wrong Address?

Ko-fi doesn't handle the money that is sent. The payment is made from your supporter's account, directly to your PayPal account and uses the email address you added in your payment settings to set up the transaction. Once that payment has been sent, Ko-fi has no way to redirect, refund or alter the payment.

If the 'wrong' email address is one that you own (or if you can register that email address) you can add it to your PayPal as an additional email address. When logged into your PayPal click settings, then "+" next to email to add your additional email address. If this is done within 30 days this should be enough to receive the money sent to that address.


What Happens if I Can't Claim That Email Address?

Unfortunately, if you can't add the email address where the money was sent to your PayPal, you will not be able to retrieve those funds and Ko-fi cannot retrieve those funds either. 

If that email address is not associated with any PayPal account, PayPal will normally keep trying to complete the payment for 30 days after which the payment will be returned to the sender. During this time, the status will show as 'pending' in Ko-fi and the supporter should see a status on PayPal of 'unclaimed'.


Still having trouble with PayPal on Ko-fi, please get in touch and we'd be happy to help.