My Page Isn't Showing Payments I Know Were Made on Ko-fi

Here are a few things to check if you received payments into your PayPal or Stripe account that you think were made on Ko-fi but your page hasn't updated to show them.


Check Your Payment Status

Go to Payments & Orders and check the payment status if the payments are set to 'Pending' or any status other than completed.


Pending status usually means the payment was made to an incorrect or unverified PayPal account. Find out more about payments with a Pending status.

More Payment Statuses Explained

Here's a useful guide to payment statuses directly from PayPal.


Check The Email Address of Your PayPal and Stripe Accounts Are Correct

If the payment isn't showing in Payments & Orders or on your Page (feed, goal update, Ko-fi's received), go to Settings > Payment and carefully check the email addresses associated with each payment method are exactly the same as the ones used directly on your PayPal or Stripe account.

Even if you reconnect to the payment method or update the email address associated with the account, payments made before that change will not show on Ko-fi, only new ones will appear.


Make Sure Your PayPal and Stripe are Working Correctly

Log in to PayPal and/or Stripe on a desktop/laptop (not a phone or app). Check to see if you have any notifications on your dashboard or a status such as limited or restricted and resolve those issues directly with the payment platform.


Check PayPal Isn't Having Problems

Check the payment providers themselves are not having problems. Check PayPal status and Stripe status. If they are showing anything other than 'Operational' you might be experiencing an issue or delay with that payment provider.



If you're still experiencing problems with payments not showing up on Ko-fi, please get in touch with as much information as you can such as your Ko-fi and PayPal receipts and we will look into this with you.