Personalizing your page with Ko-fi Gold

Ko-fi Gold gives you extra perks to help you personalize your Ko-fi page, receive more donations and build monthly subscriber income.

  • Take Commissions
  • Offer Subscriptions
  • Set your price
  • Change coffee to... anything
  • Shorter Ko-fi name
  • More social links
  • Better quality images with downloads
  • Ability to link Google Analytics
  • Preview new features

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Personalizing Your Page

Already signed up for Ko-fi Gold? Head over to Gold Settings to update your page.


You can change coffee to anything you like (SFW only please).

Update your unit price to anything from 1 - 10. Remember you can change your currency in Payment Settings and PayPal still take their transaction fee.

Enable recurring payments by ticking the box, but be sure to use a PayPal business account if you would like to use this feature.

Change your Ko-fi handle to a shorter, 5 character name and click set to update it. Don't worry, your old handle will still work.




Add Social Profiles

Ko-fi Gold allows you to link your audience to everywhere you create. Add social links to your profile and they will appear as clickable links on your page.


Support the community and personalize your page with Ko-fi Gold