Connect your Ko-fi Page to Google Analytics

 Ko-fi Gold Members can now connect their Ko-fi Page to Google Analytics.  Connecting to Analytics lets you see statistics like page visits, traffic sources and demographics of your supporters. This can help you make decisions about where to share your page, and what is getting the best results.


How do add my Google Analytics tracking ID to my Ko-fi Page?

Go to Settings > Page and paste in your Analytics Tracking ID there.


Where's my Tracking ID? 

If you don't have an Google Analytics account, you need to set one up to get your tracking ID. Go to Google Analytics to sign up for an account

 Set up your new account:

What you'd like to track:  Website.

Account Name:[Type any name]

Property Name: [Type in a unique name]

Website URL: /[your_username]

Click 'Get Tracking ID'

You will see your Tracking ID on the next page!

You can find your Google Analytics Tracking ID at any time by clicking Admin on the bottom left corner and then Tracking info in the Property section.