I supported a creator but their Gallery and Posts are still locked.

Some creators set up exclusive "supporter-only" posts and gallery images. To access supporter-only content you must be logged in to Ko-fi when you make your donation. If you have paid a creator while logged in to Ko-fi, and you still aren't able to view the content, first check the status of the transaction in the 'Support Given'. 

If your payment is pending or any status other than completed you will not be able to view the supporter-only content. Once the payment has completed the content will be available for view. If PayPal is unable to complete the payment after 30 days, PayPal will usually return the funds to you.


What if I supported someone without a Ko-fi account/as a Guest?

You can assign a guest payment to your Ko-fi account from the email you received from Ko-fi.
In the email from Ko-fi, you will receive a thank you message from the creator you supported. At the bottom of the email, you'll also find 2 links: 
  1. Sign up and link this transaction - This allows you to create an account and automatically unlock the supporter-only posts you purchased on that new account!
  2. Link it to an existing account - This allows you to link your support to an account you already have to unlock the support-only content there!

I passed the 48-hour limit/ I didn't receive an email

If no email was received from Ko-fi or it's more than 48 hours since you supported the creator, you can contact us directly with your payment ID and PayPal email and we may be able to manually credit your account with the support you gave: