What Does “Page Unpublished” Mean and What do I do?

When pages are set to Unpublished (formerly "Pending Review") it means the page cannot be seen by visitors, only the logged-in page owner/creator can view and update it.


Why do Pages Get Unpublished?

Pages are usually (but not always) unpublished due to violations of Ko-fi’s content guidelines or terms and will likely have been flagged by:

  1. Content moderation staff
  2. A visitor complaint, reviewed by a moderator
  3. Ko-fi’s automatic moderation software


Content Guidelines Reminder

We want Ko-fi to be a fun, safe and friendly place for the creative community and we’ve designed our content guidelines to reflect that.

When we started Ko-fi we had no intention of becoming internet moderators, but we found out (rather painfully) that we must comply with PayPal and Stripe’s usage requirements as payment partners. Without payment providers there can be no Ko-fi.

Some of the most common reasons for unpublishing include content on Ko-fi or links to/from other venues containing:

  • Anything illegal
  • Adult content (nudity, censored nudity, fetish or sexually themed content including illustrations or prose)
  • Graphic violence
  • Hateful content
  • Copyright or material owned by others

For more information, definitions and examples please see our content guidelines and terms.


Why Can Links to/From Other Places Result in My Page Being Unpublished?

Ko-fi cannot be used to directly or indirectly support content or activities that violate our content guidelines. Our payment providers are very clear that even if a page contains no content that violates these policies, but is linked to or from other sites that do, we cannot offer the service.


Requesting Republishing

If you believe you have not violated Ko-fi’s content policies (this does occasionally happen) or you have updated your page and should be republished you can request a review. Pages are usually reviewed within 7 business days of the request for review being received, although we often respond sooner. If you would prefer to delete your account you can do so from Account & Billing.