Ko-fi Stream Alerts for Twitch, YouTube and more


With just 0-5% platform fees, Ko-fi makes it easy for you to keep more of your money from tips and subs.

Use Ko-fi Stream Alerts to show your link and funding goal on your stream. Have fun with custom alerts like text-to-speech and GIFs for when you receive support.

They work with most streaming software, so you can earn while streaming on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube!

Watch the video to find out everything you need to know about Ko-fi Stream Alerts.


Connect to Twitch and YouTube for chat alerts, commands and loads of other cool ways to engage your viewers while you stream.


Stream Alerts quick start guide

Streaming with Ko-fi.gif

Head over to Stream Alerts settings then:

  1. Customize your alert, animated overlay or goal until you are happy with how it looks and sounds.
  2. Copy the link
  3. Open your broadcasting software e.g. OBS, Twitch, Streamlabs etc, and a new browser source (Alert Box for Streamlabs) and paste your link.
  4. Check it's working by sending a test alert.

See more detailed step-by-step guidance below.


Add Stream Alerts to your OBS

OBS Studio Twitch Studio
Stream alerts let you celebrate each supporter live on stream! 🎉 Here's how to link your Ko-fi stream alerts to OBS Studio:
  1. Start by grabbing the latest version of OBS Studio.

  2. Click the "+" in the "Scenes" pane to craft a fresh scene. Name it based on your stream content - maybe Gaming, Crafting, or Q&A.

    scenes 1.png

  3. In the "Sources" pane, click "+" and select "Browser" as your source.


    Make sure you have the latest OBS version or the required plugin for the Browser option.

    sources 1.png

  4. Give your browser source a name, like "Ko-fi Stream Alert."

    sources-name 1.png

  5. Head to your Stream Alerts settings, copy the URL, and paste it into OBS. Hit OK to confirm.

    browser-link-name 1.png

  6. Customize the placement of your alert within your scene. Make sure it's clearly visible to your viewers.

  7. Send a test alert from your Stream Alerts settings to ensure everything's working smoothly.


Voila 🎉 Your stream alert and up and ready.


Opt for more control over your stream alerts' volume by ticking the "Control audio via OBS" option. This lets you manage alerts separately in the Audio Mixer.


For more detailed instructions, check out the OBS help center or their guide on adding a browser source. 📚


See your latest tips and subs with stream Activity Feed 

Keep track of your most recent supporters with the activity feed in a separate window or in your OBS dock. Never miss a tip or sub, and mute any alerts while you stream. Give your supporters the recognition they deserve!


Set up your activity feed as:

A separate window In your OBS dock
  1. Go to Stream Alerts and head to “Activity Feed”.

    activity-list 1.png

  2. Click open and have your Activity Feed open in separate window.

    activity feed floating  1.png


What the activity feed shows

It displays your 10 latest tips, subs and sales with the newest one at the top.


How transactions display


  • Type of Transaction: Whether it's a Tip, Shop or Commission sale, or new Member tier signup.
  • Amount Paid: The amount received.
  • Username: The supporter's Ko-fi username or their Twitch username if available.
  • Message: Any public message that came with the payment.


Muting stream alerts


Turn on alert muting to delay stream alerts and chat messages from appearing for 30 seconds, giving you the time to mute any alerts you don’t want to show publicly.


Toggle muting on:

  1. Head to your Activity Feed in Stream Alerts.
  2. Go to your Activity Feed settings. Click the settings button and toggle muting on.settings-muting.gif
  3. As tips, subs and sales come through, you'll have the option to mute an alert directly from the activity feed.



How does muting work?

Once you turn muting on:

  1. All your alerts will be delayed on your stream by 30 seconds, giving you time to mute an alert if needed.
  2. Next to the mute alert button, you'll see a countdown showing how long you have before an alert goes live.
  3. If two alerts come close together, the first will be delayed by 30 seconds, the next one will have an additional 10 seconds (40 seconds total). This delay spaces out the alerts on stream and gives you more time to decide if you want to mute it.

Muting an alert:

When you press the mute alert button:

  1. The alert will not appear on your stream or in your chat.
  2. The alert will not create a Twitch clip.


Can I unmute a muted alert?

Currently, you cannot unmute a muted alert.


If you have any questions about setting up the activity feed or muting alerts, feel free to submit a request. 💌


How else can Ko-fi help me earn while streaming?


Stream alerts are a fun, visual way to include Ko-fi in your stream. Here’s a few more ways to share your Ko-fi page with viewers.

  • Connect to Twitch and YouTube: Unlock a ton of ways to make it easier for viewers to support you like:
    • Chat notifications for payments: Get alerts in your chat whenever you get a payment.
    • Display your goal's progress in chat: After receiving a payment, watch your goal's progress light up the chat with an emoji progress bar.
    • Activate chatbot for quick commands like !kofi: When anyone types !kofi, !ko-fi, !kofishop, !koficommissions, !kofitiers the chatbot will respond with your links. Handy hint: add these commands to your stream title.
    • Schedule messages to highlight your Ko-fi page: Set up your chat to automatically mention your Ko-fi page, choosing times between every 15 to 90 minutes.
  • Update your About section: Add a link to your Ko-fi page in your Bio and design a Ko-fi panel for your profile. Looking for Ko-fi imagery? Grab some brand assets.
  • Showcase Ko-fi support with Twitch clips: Each time you get a tip or sub, we'll capture a quick 30-second clip for you. Look for your clips under Payments & Orders, a Twitch icon Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 16.54.14.png will be there if a clip's available. Share those clips to make supporters feel special and promote your stream.

We're here if you need us or if you have any suggestions. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌



What does it cost to receive Stream Alerts for Ko-fi Donations?

Ko-fi stream alerts are free to use. Ko-fi charges 0-5% platform fees for payments.

Can I receive Ko-fi Stream Alerts on Twitch, Facebook, Youtube?
Yes, anywhere you can stream using OBS software with an external browser source should allow you to receive Ko-fi donation stream alerts.
Which OBS software support Ko-fi Stream Alerts?
Any OBS software that allows the use of an external browser source should work fine to receive Ko-fi stream alerts.
My stream alert is not working?
  • Try refreshing your stream alerts link. Delete the browser source entry in OBS and add it again.

  • Ensure your OBS software is up-to-date.

  • Check that you've granted the correct permissions on Twitch and YouTube. You can review any warnings on your Stream Alerts page here.


  • Contact your OBS support to investigate any potential issues on their end.

Any other questions, reach out to us.