Sharing Your Page & Rewarding Supporters

Sharing your Page regularly and creatively is the most important thing you can do to attract followers, supporters and subscribers to fund your passions. Here are just a few examples of friendly ways to introduce Ko-fi to your audience!

The Basics

The first things to get right are covered in the creator guide. Set up your Page, introduce yourself, add a goal and make your Page look pretty with a cover photo. Assuming that's all done its time to start sharing your Page.

Add your Page to your bio's

Make sure your Ko-fi Page is discoverable from everywhere you create. Add your Page link to all of your bio's, 'about' sections and pin a tweet.

Add-your-link.jpg ❤️ ❤️


Make Ko-fi your call to action

If a fan has just experienced your latest content, that’s the best time to politely ask for something in return. Consider adding your Ko-fi Page as your call to action on your site or when you sign off at the end of a new piece of content.

CTA3.png ❤️ ❤️

Create your own Ko-fi button with your own text and color over at the widgets section. If you use Wordpress we have a plugin to add your Ko-fi button to any widget area or as a shortcode. You can also download logos and button images and use them to link to your Page.


Add exclusive content to your Page

Use your Gallery images and Posts to create some unique content on Ko-fi. It could be alternative versions of finished projects, work in progress or behind the scenes footage. Making Ko-fi the only destination for some of your content is a nice reason to invite people to visit your Page. Once fans are on your Page they are much more likely to support!

Exclusive2.png ❤️ ❤️


Ways to share your Page

Only a tiny percentage of your fans will see a twitter update, blog post or share so it's important to share your Page regularly. Ko-fi gives you plenty of ways to change up the way you ask fans to support you. Here are a few ideas;

🔗 Share your Page

The most obvious place to start is to share the link to your Page. Make sure you add the full Page url to get a clickable image on sites like twitter. With Ko-fi Gold you can also change the image that shows when you share your Page so you can update it for donation drives, campaigns and goals.

shareyourpage.png ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


📝 Share Posts

Posts are a great way to share longer form content, embedded video, audio and links. It's a good idea to introduce your audience to Ko-fi with a Post. Tell fans about your creative plans and how you'll use the money raised on Ko-fi. You can share your entire Posts section and each individual Post too.


When you publish a new Post, Ko-fi sends your followers and previous supporters (who signed up to Ko-fi) an email displaying your Post image and Post title. They also get a notification (🔔) the next time they login to Ko-fi to point them to your Post.

Posts can contain a featured image in addition to text, links and embedded media such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, Vimeo etc.

🔗 Sofa City Sweetheart - released their new music video using a Post with embedded video.

🔗 Jaime Rebanal - used a Post to ask fans to help fund a trip to the Tribeca Film Festival.

🔗 Alex - shares regular updates about Tidal Cycles.

🔗 Sherilynn Macale - Introduced a webcomic idea to fans using a Post.

🔗 Dasu - uses Posts to give goal milestone updates. 

Supporters and subscribers can leave comments on Posts too, so you could invite readers to support and leave their thoughts or feedback directly at the bottom of each Post!

With Ko-fi Gold you can choose the audience of your Posts so that only recent supporters or monthly subscribers can unlock them.


🖼️ Share your Gallery or individual images

You can share a link directly to your full Gallery or share links to individual images you upload. When you share individual images on sites like twitter they will display as clickable links taking fans straight to your Gallery! When you upload a new image your followers and recent supporters will also see a notification (🔔) when they log in.

ImageShare.png ❤️

With Ko-fi Gold you get larger images and you can let viewers download hi-res versions or restrict some images to just supporters or monthly subscribers.


🏁 Share your Commission Status

With Ko-fi Commissions you can now display your commission status, create a menu of commission options and show available commission slots etc. Make sure you share with your fans

  • When you open commissions
  • Add a commission option or Add-on
  • When there are just 1 or 2 slots left

You can even tweak the price for a temporary promotion on a commission option and share it with your audience.

 Commissions.jpg  ❤️

🙏 Share Thank You messages

When someone supports you, make sure you view, thank and share these messages with your fans. You can share the 'celebration' supporter message or create your own thank you to share with your audience.

Thankyou2.png ❤️

🏆 Share Goals set, progress milestones and Goal achieved

Goals should ideally be relevant to what you create and give you loads of opportunities to share your Page.

  • Setting a Goal
  • Milestone achieved
  • Reminder/ donation drive
  • Goal completed

SharingGoals2.png ❤️

🎁 Share reward reminders

If you offer rewards for supporters then make sure you remind your audience what they get for supporting you. More about this 👇!

Rewards_montage.png ❤️ ❤️


Share the number of Ko-fi's received and top supporters!

Milestones are another opportunity to share your progress with your fans and ask them to join your fellow supporters on Ko-fi. Screenshot your Ko-fi counter or leader board and post it with a motivational call to action for your fans. Calling out and thanking your top supporters is another great way to show appreciation and motivate your audience to support you.

TopSupporter.png ❤️


Rewarding Supporters and Subscribers

Some creators use Ko-fi as an online ‘tip-jar’, purely for donations, but the most successful creators provide reward to supporters.

Rewards using Ko-fi free

Ko-fi lets you reward supporters with an auto-reply message which can contain a link to a reward. This could be access to something small like a download link to an image or a special message from you. You can also reward supporters with a personal reply from the support received section.


Rewards using Ko-fi Gold

Join the Ko-fi Gold community to level up the rewards you can offer supporters. With Gold you can choose your audience for Posts and Images, offer high-res downloads and you can even let people subscribe to your Page to unlock the monthly subscriber tier of content.


Ideas for Rewards

Creating rewards for supporters and subscribers doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Here are a few ideas of rewards you could offer supporters and subscribers in your Posts and Gallery.

Access a members only area

Giving exclusive access to a private community is a great way to encourage fans to become supporters or subscribers. You can setup Discord, Telegram or twitch for free and offer access to monthly subscribers or one-off supporters.

CommunityRewards.png ❤️

 Let supporters or subscribers download hi-res or links

Ko-fi Gold lets you offer hi-res (original) downloads from your gallery, but you can also add Dropbox or Google Drive links to Posts and make those Posts available only to supporters or subscribers.


 Give supporters early access

Give supporters or subscribers early access to content you will be publishing publicly at a later date. About to publish a new article on Medium? Add it as a Post for supporters and tell your fans they can read it 7 days earlier than everyone else on Ko-fi. Just completing a project to add to your DeviantArt Gallery? Let Ko-fi supporters see it early as a reward.


Let supporters behind the scenes

Record your illustration, speed painting or design sketch process and upload it to Vimeo or as an ‘Unlisted’ video on YouTube. Add it as an embedded link in a Post and make that available to supporters or subscribers. Be sure to share the post link with your fans, perhaps with a still shot or 2 as a teaser.


Offer participation and let supporters vote on projects

Make supporters feel like a VIP by offering them a voice in your projects. Maybe you will send them a Typeform or Straw Poll form to ask them to choose between projects or perhaps you will run an Ask Me Anything (AMA) where supporters leave a question as their message of support.


Extra bonus content and downloads

Let paying fans see exclusive or alternative versions of content. It might be unused shots from a photoshoot, color variants of an art project or a written synopsis about the project. You can also let fans download original resolution gallery images too so you could upload a second version of some images and make them downloadable for the price of a coffee!

Start Sharing

These are just some ideas of friendly ways to share your Page and ask for support. Tag @kofi_button on Twitter when you share and we will RT our favourites!