Change Your Social Preview Image

You can change the preview image and text that shows on social sites when you share your page. Change it to reflect your own style, donation drives, new rewards or Goals!


Tip πŸ’‘ Image Not Updating on Socials?

Social sites don't automatically load new sharable images straight away. Try adding "/" or "?" to the end of your URL to force those sites to grab your latest preview image. You can also use Twitter's card validator to preview your sharable image.


How to Change Your Preview Image

Head over to Settings > Page

Under Sharing Preview Image & Description select "Customize Preview".


Images should be 2:1 aspect ratio for best results.


If your social preview isn't immediately updated, keep in mind that websites like Twitter will store your social preview image and it may take a few days for it to update to the new image that you have uploaded.

Remember you can always double-check your latest social preview using Twitter's card validator.

When to Update Your Preview Image

Try updating your preview image when you

πŸ† Set a new goal / start a donation drive

🎁 Add rewards

🏁 Launch or update Commissions

πŸ–ΌοΈ  Just want the preview to look more like you!


We love seeing your custom preview images, make sure you share your page and tag @kofi_button if you're sharing on Twitter or Instagram!