Connect Ko-fi to Twitch for Payment Alerts in Your Stream Chat

Get messages in your Stream Chat whenever you receive a payment on Ko-fi!

How to Connect Ko-fi to Twitch Chat



Head over to your Stream Alerts, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Connect To Twitch.


Ko-fi will ask for permission to access some basic information, to post alerts to your chat and a few other permissions for future features.


Once authorized, your payments will pop up on your chat and overlays.

Learn more about how to use Ko-fi with Twitch



Turn KofiStreamBot Into a Moderator 

If KofiStreamBot sends multiple alert messages quickly, there is a chance that a spam protection bot will mark the messages as spam.

Making KofiStreamBot into a moderator will fix this issue. 

Give KofiStreamBot the moderator role by typing "/mod KofiStreamBot" to your chatbox and "/unmod KofiStreamBot" to remove the role. 



Manage and view all the roles via Creator Dashboard > Community > Roles Manager



How Can I Change My Alert Text for Donations?

You can choose the message that displays when you receive a donation through your Stream Alert settings.

Choose to display the Supporter's chosen name, the value of the donation and the message left by the supporter. 

Learn more about Ko-fi Stream Alerts.




Can I Turn Off Chatbot Alerts?

Select the Gear Icon to open your Twitch Settings and toggle Chat Alerts on/off. 


How do I Disconnect From Twitch? 

Click the Gear Icon > Disconnect.

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