What if I Don't Like Coffee?

Coffee is just a friendly metaphor used for giving and receiving support, there isn't actually any coffee involved. We think it's a bit nicer than just calling it a "donation".

What you receive is a sum of money which by default is set to $3 (roughly the price of a coffee). You actually get that money directly and instantly into your PayPal or Stripe account with 0% platform fees taken by us!


Changing Coffee to Something Else

One of the perks of joining Ko-fi Gold is you can change the metaphor from Coffee to something else. We've seen some really fun and creative examples like Buy Me a... Sprinkle of Fairy Dust.


Ko-fi Gold members can also:

  • Share exclusive content just for supporter and subscribers
  • Build a monthly subscription income
  • Take Ko-fi Commissions with 0% platform fees
  • Open a Ko-fi Shop with 0% platform fees
  • Sell more products with larger file sizes
  • Share higher quality images and offer direct download
  • Choose a shorter username
  • Update their page color
  • Try new features first and get priority support

Try Ko-fi Gold to change "Coffee" to something else