Ko-fi Stream Alerts

Ko-fi Stream Alerts are here! You can now display your Ko-fi link on your overlay and alert stream viewers when you receive a donation. It works with most broadcasting software that support 'browser' alerts.

Setting up Ko-fi Stream Alerts

To set up stream alerts head over to Stream Alerts settings then it's just 3 quick steps:

  1. Choose the message that displays when you receive a donation.
    Write your own alert text and/or add donation info like {amount} to show the value of the donation or {message} to display the messages left by the supporter.
  2. Copy the link to paste into your broadcasting app e.g. OBS
  3. Check it's working by sending a test alert


How to setup a Ko-fi Stream Alerts overlay for OBS

Download the latest OBS Software and create a new scene, then in the 'Sources' pane click + to add a new source and make the source 'Browser'. You might need the latest version of OBS or a plugin from OBS for Browser to be an option.



Give the source a name like... Ko-fi



Paste in the URL from your Stream Alerts settings page


Send a test alert to make sure it's working and boom, you did it!



Ko-fi Stream Alerts for XSplit Broadcaster

Add the Ko-fi stream alert to XSplit Broadcaster by going to Add source > Webpage and pasting in the URL from your Stream Alerts settings page.


Ko-fi Stream Alerts overlay for Streamlabs OBS

Add a Ko-fi donation alert overlay to Streamlabs by adding a Source and choosing Browser Source and pasting in your Browser Source URL from your Stream Alerts settings page.


Stream Alerts Feedback

Stream Alerts is new to Ko-fi and we really need your feedback. What's great? what's not? how can we make it better? Send your thoughts to feedback@ko-fi.com, we would love to hear from you.