How to Use Ko-fi With YouTube


Calling all video creators! If you're looking to increase your income from your channel, even if you don't have loads of subscribers and viewers, then Ko-fi can really help! Here's some ideas, examples and how-to's to get you started.

How to Add a YouTube Video to Ko-fi

Hop over to how to add a YouTube video to Ko-fi for step-by-step instructions.


The Basics

The first step to do is update your YouTube channel to let your followers know about your Ko-fi page.


Add Your Ko-fi Page to Your About Section & Channel Banner

Make sure your Ko-fi page is easy to find from your channel and videos by adding a direct link in your channel banner (1) and "About" section (2).




How to Add Ko-fi to your YouTube Banner and About Section

  1. Go to YouTube and click on your profile picture and click on the name of your channel. This will take you to your channel. 
  2. Click Customize Channel mceclip0.png
  3. Scroll to the Links section and add a call to action e.g. (Support Me on Ko-fi or Buy me a Coffee) in the Link title and your Ko-fi Page link into the URL field.


  4. Use themceclip3.pngicon to drag your Ko-fi link to the top of your list of links in order to display your call to action text on your banner.
  5. Make sure your Links on banner is set to show the correct number of links. 
  6. Hit Publish to save your changes and show your Ko-fi link in your banner and About section.


Link Your Ko-fi Page in Your Video Descriptions

Include a link to your Ko-fi page in your video descriptions to direct your followers to your page.






Receive Donations While You Stream on YouTube

With Ko-fi Stream Alerts you can get donations while streaming live on YouTube! It only takes a few clicks to set up your custom alerts and start making money while you stream.


Head to your Stream Alerts settings to customize your alerts and copy the URL into your chosen OBS software to get started. Want to learn more about streaming on YouTube? You can find out more here.


Promoting your Ko-fi page on YouTube

Keep your viewers and subscribers up to date with your progress by regularly promoting your Ko-fi page!


Create a Video Introducing Ko-fi to Your Fans

Share an intro video that explains your goal, what it means to receive support from your fans and how you’re planning to use Ko-fi. Here's a few examples

Bea Chu > 🎬 Ko-fi intro video

On Second Watch > 🎬 Ko-fi intro video

Freckled Fox > 🎬 Ko-fi intro video


💡 Tip - Add Your Intro Video to Your Ko-fi Page

Don’t forget to add your intro video to your video intro on Ko-fi! Log in to Ko-fi, visit your page and above the feed and find Intro video.



Mention Your Ko-fi on Your End Screen

Ask viewer to head over to your Ko-fi page and include Ko-fi in your end screen!




Create a Video Explaining Your Supporter Rewards

Let your viewers know what rewards and incentives you’re offering on your Ko-fi Page and why they should become a follower, supporter or subscriber.

Roll1D2Games > 🎬 Reward Video


Host a Ko-fi Series on YouTube

Host a fun YouTube series discussing topics chosen by your Ko-fi supporters! 

Squawking Dead host a series called 🎬 'morning Squaw-fi’, where their Ko-fi supporters send in topics which they discuss in a video, over coffee - simple!


Give Supporters Early Access to Videos

Give supporters or subscribers early access by setting them to unlisted and sharing on Ko-fi first. to videos you will be publishing publicly at a later date. Share behind the scenes, tutorials or offer input on your next project.


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