How to use Ko-fi with YouTube


If you're looking to increase your income from your channel, even if you don't have loads of subscribers, then Ko-fi can really help! Here are some ideas, examples and how-to's to get you started.

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itzah   Little Drops of Wonderful


Add your Ko-fi link everywhere you can

First, let's make sure your Ko-fi link is impossible to miss for anyone visiting your YouTube channel.

  1. Channel Profile: Add your Ko-fi link to your channel profile, using a catchy call-to-action like "Support my work on Ko-fi!"
  2. Video descriptions: Start including your Ko-fi link in every video description, encouraging viewers to support your channel.
  3. Pinned comment: Pin a comment with your Ko-fi link in the comment section of your videos.

“I like to put a link directly to my Ko-fi in the comments and pin it. I’ve found if the video does well i get a lot more views on my page just by pinning the comment!”

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Cat's Planner   James Loves Games   Araneae Storm


Introduce your Ko-fi with a dedicated video

A direct approach can work wonders. Consider creating videos or shorts that:

  • Explain what Ko-fi is and how it helps creators like you.
  • Share your goals and what you plan to do with the support you receive.
  • Highlight exclusive rewards or content available on your Ko-fi page.

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Sketches.n.Scrubs   Korp


Use YouTube cards and end screens

These features are great for direct calls-to-action during or at the end of your videos.

  • Cards: Add a card linking to your Ko-fi page at pivotal moments in your video when engagement is high. Learn how.
  • End screens: Use the end of your video to encourage viewers to support you on Ko-fi, using an end screen link. Learn how.
  • Ko-fi stickers: Use our free gifs as a fun way to promote your Ko-fi.

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PixelShaun   the0kid


Offer special perks for YouTube viewers

Make your YouTube audience feel special by offering them exclusive perks.

  • Early access: Give your Ko-fi supporters early access to your videos.
  • Credits in videos: Acknowledge your Ko-fi supporters in your video credits or in a special shout-out.
  • Exclusive content: Create videos or series only available to those who support you on Ko-fi.


To offer early access or exclusive video content, just set your video as unlisted on YouTube and share it on Ko-fi as a member-only post. Learn how

“Share behind the scenes posts, access to exclusives, crowdsourced ideas, and empower your fans to give feedback to grow and improve your craft as a creator!”


Highlight the value of supporting you

Give your viewers a compelling reason to support your work on Ko-fi.

  • Behind-the-scenes content: Show the effort that goes into creating your videos.
  • Exclusive updates or previews: Share snippets of what Ko-fi supporters can expect.
  • Success stories: Talk about how Ko-fi support has helped you and your channel grow.



Livestream with Ko-fi overlays

Add Ko-fi Stream Alerts to acknowledge your supporters in real-time, making them feel valued and encouraging support.

  • Connect Ko-fi to YouTube and set up your streaming software: Use a tool like OBS Studio to add Ko-fi Stream Alerts. Learn how to set up alerts.
  • Design your overlay: Tweak your Ko-fi overlay to fit your brand, enable messages to be read out on stream and even pick a sound to highlight receiving support.
  • Animate alerts: Add a gif to celebrate receiving support. Pick a Ko-fi theme or browse for anything you like.
  • Highlight your Ko-fi page: Regularly mention your Ko-fi and explain how supporters are helping you create better content.
  • Add your Ko-fi goal: Adding your Ko-fi Goal to your stream reminds viewers what you’re working towards and acts like another CTA to support you.


Celebrate your milestones and engage with your community

Sharing your achievements can motivate others to support your journey.

  • Thank your supporters: Make appreciation videos or shout-outs to thank your Ko-fi supporters.
  • Share milestones: Celebrate when you hit new goals on Ko-fi and share your plans for the future.
  • Respond to comments: Engage with your viewers and occasionally remind them how they can support you on Ko-fi.
  • Share updates or special moments: Post updates and announcements in the Community tab to keep your subscribers engaged and remind them how they can support you on Ko-fi.

Every video you post, every comment you reply to, and every live session you host brings you closer to your community. And with Ko-fi, you give them a meaningful way to support all the hard work and love you put into your content. Let's turn those views into support on Ko-fi!


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