Ko-fi Stream Alerts

Ko-fi Stream Alerts are here!

Unlike other services, Ko-fi lets you receive donations directly from your viewers with 0% platform fees. Display your Ko-fi link and crowdfunding goal on your overlay and create custom alerts when you receive a donation.

It works with most broadcasting software that supports 'browser alerts' so you can make money on Ko-fi while you stream on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube!



Setting Up Ko-fi Stream Alerts

To get started head over to Stream Alerts settings, from there it's just 3 quick steps:


  1. Customize your alerts until you are happy with the look and sound of your displayed message. Then copy your stream alert overlay link.
  2. Open your broadcasting software e.g. OBS, Streamlabs, Streamyard etc. and a new browser source and paste your link. 
  3. Check it's working by sending a test alert.

More detailed instructions on below. 

Add Your Goal Overlay to Your Stream

Start by making sure you have a Goal setup, learn more about setting up a Ko-fi Goal

  1. Head over to your Stream Alerts > Goal Overlay and choose a color to fit your theme. 
  2. Open your broadcasting software e.g. OBS, Streamlabs, Streamyard etc. and a new browser source and paste your link.
  3. Your goal should update live with any tips and subs that come in whilst you stream. 


Design Your Stream Alert

From the Stream Alert settings page, you can control how your alerts look, sound, and even how long they stay on screen.


  1. Refer to this preview of your alerts as you make changes.
  2. Hide or show your link on stream
  3. As standard, just your Ko-fi link will display on stream but you can add a call-to-action such as "Support me at ko-fi.com/yourpage".
  4. Compose the Alert Text that displays when you receive a donation.
    Write your alert text and add donation info such as:
    1. {from_name} displays the Supporter name,
    2. {amount} shows the value of the donation,
    3. {message} displays the messages left by the supporter.
  5. Select the Duration the alert appears on your stream.
  6. Pick where your Alert Position is displayed when you get a tip on stream. 
  7. Pick a color for your link and alert that suits you. 
  8. Control the opacity of your alert to match your overlay.
  9. Have your Supporter's tips and subs read out by enabling Text-To-Speech. Click Screenshot_2022-10-25_at_12.59.36.pngicon to customize the voice and language your alerts are read in. You can also create a filter of words for messages you don't want to be read on steam. 

    Note: To hear how Text-To-Speech alerts sound, just send a test alert once you have the overlay added to OBS (or other streaming tool). 

  10. Add custom sounds that play when you receive a donation during your stream.


Set up Ko-fi Stream Alerts for OBS

We are using OBS as an example but the process for most streaming software like Streamlabs is similar.

Download the latest OBS Software and create a new scene by clicking the + in the "Scenes" pane on the bottom left of the screen.

Then in the "Sources" pane click + to add a new source and make the source 'Browser'. You might need the latest version of OBS or a plugin from OBS for Browser to be an option.

Name your source, for example, "Ko-fi Link".

Paste in the URL from your Stream Alerts settings page and click OK.

Stream Alerts should now be set up. 


Audio Tip

Tick the "Control audio via OBS" option to add a separate track to the Audio Mixer for more control over your Stream Alerts' volume.



Your Ko-fi URL will now be displayed in your scene. Make sure that the red frame is completely visible in your scene so the Stream Alert can be properly displayed. 

Send a test alert from the Stream Alerts settings page to make sure it's working.



Set Up Stream Alerts Layer in Twitch Studio

Open Twitch Studio and select the Layout and select "Edit Layout" at the bottom of the screen.


Next, select + next to "Layers" > "Browser Source" and click Add.



Paste the link from your Stream Alerts settings page under "Webpage" and click the little arrow to connect your Stream Alert.



Make sure to send a test alert before you go live to confirm that it's working!



Set up Ko-fi Stream Alerts for XSplit Broadcaster

Like before, add the Ko-fi stream alert to XSplit Broadcaster by going to Add source > Webpage and pasting in the URL from your Stream Alerts settings page.



Set Up Your Goal Overlay 

Make sure you have an active goal on your page, learn more about setting up a goal here

In your broadcasting software, add a browser source layer to your stream.

Name your layer and then copy your goal overlay link from Stream Alerts.


In your OBS, insert it in the browser source URL link box. 

Your goal overlay should appear with your goal details when you stream. 


Note: Currently, any payment you receive apart from shop purchases will update your goal progress.

We're always trying to improve stream alerts, so if you've got a suggestion about how we can make it better, you can share your feedback with us.



What does it cost to receive Stream Alerts for Ko-fi Donations?

It is completely free to use our Stream Alerts, unlike other services we take 0% platform fees on donations!

Can I receive Ko-fi Stream Alerts on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube?
Yes, you can, anywhere that you can stream using OBS software with an external browser source should allow you to receive Ko-fi donation stream alerts.
Facebook and YouTube offer different ways to stream, but both allow you to stream via OBS. Here's some more information about setting up OBS specifically for YouTube, and Facebook.
Which OBS software support Ko-fi Stream Alerts?
Any OBS software that allows the use of an external browser source should work fine to receive Ko-fi stream alerts.
Can I add custom graphics or gifs to my Stream Alert?

It is currently not possible to add custom gifs or graphics.