How to Use Ko-fi With Twitch


Direct your Twitch followers to support you on Ko-fi by creating a Ko-fi Info Panel, get stream alerts by linking your Ko-fi to popular OBS software and share videos, clips or live streams from Twitch with Ko-fi video posts!


Create a Ko-fi Info Panel

Encourage your Twitch followers donate on Ko-fi by creating an Info Panel.



  1. From your channel navigate to About and mceclip0.png switch Edit Panels On.
  2. Add a panel title, image, and set your Image Links To your full Ko-fi page address. Help yourself to Ko-fi assets to include them in your Panel image.
  3. Click Submit to save the panel.



Sharing Twitch Clips on Ko-fi

  1. From Twitch choose the video, clip or stream you want to embed on Ko-fi
  2. Locate the mceclip1.png "share" button for the video and click Copy to clipboard


  3. Login to Ko-fi, go to your page and add an Video Post
  4. Paste your Twitch link into the Url field
  5. Add a title and description for the post


  6. Click Preview Post
  7. Share the link to your post wherever you're active
  8. We'll also send your followers a message to let them know you've added a new post