How to Use Ko-fi With Medium


If you’re a writer, journalist or blogger using Medium as your publishing platform, here are a few ways to tell your followers about your Ko-fi page!


Display Your Ko-fi Link on Your Stories

Medium now lets you display your Ko-fi link on your stories! At the end of every article readers will see a call to action to support you on Ko-fi!

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 14.54.44.png

To activate simply go to Publishing Settings in Medium and choose 'Manage tipping on your stories'. Tick 'Display tipping link on your stories' and then just past in your Ko‑fi URL. It's that simple!

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The Basics

Make sure your Ko-fi page is in your bio and your story sign-off.


Link Your Ko-fi Page in Your Bio

Make sure you direct your fans to your Ko-fi page as your call to action in your Medium profile.








Dwade Kearns


Add your Ko-fi Link as Your Sign Off

Add your Ko-fi link to the end of your Medium content so your followers know how they can support you.


Bianca X


image9.pngEmma Sachsse

Add a Custom Ko-fi Button

Make Ko-fi your call to action in each piece of content you publish by adding a Ko-fi button as a clickable link to your page. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download a Ko-fi button image from our brand assets.
  2. Add the button as an image to your article, highlight the image then click "ctrl + k" to add a link to the image and paste in your Ko-fi URL so the image links to your page.


More Ways to Use Ko-fi to Make an Income From Your Readers

Use Ko-fi posts to share exclusive content with your followers, sell merch in your Ko-fi Shop or let followers commission something unique from you.

Share Posts

Ko-fi posts are a great way to share unique content with your followers. In addition to writing you can also use Ko-fi posts to share video, audio and links directly with your audience. Use Ko-fi posts to tell your followers about your creative plans and how you'll use the money you raise on Ko-fi.

  • Use Ko-fi as your personal blog
  • Upload your short stories or chapters
  • Share exclusive content for one-off and monthly supporters


Joanne Harris and the Storytime Band



annamarabella grumble



Ellie M Roberts


Ko-fi Donation Requests

Offer short stories in return for Ko-fi donations - simply ask your supporters to leave a writing prompt in their donation message and share their story on Medium or in a Post.


Esther Rosenfield


Use Ko-fi Commissions

With Ko-fi Commissions you can create a menu of commission options and show available commission slots. Use Ko-fi Commissions to:

  • Take writing gigs
  • Create custom short stories
  • Offer writing/narrative consultations


Lou Yardley



Open a Ko-fi Shop

Launch your own Ko-fi Shop and sell merch to support your work.

  • Offer pre-orders for merchandise
  • Sell books and writing material
  • Share unpublished stories/poems


Giles Paley-Phillips



Crowdfund a Chapter of Your Book

Set your goal on Ko-fi to the next chapter of your story, and publish every time you hit 100%! 





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