How to use Ko-fi with X

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It's simpler than you think to turn your X (Twitter) community into supporters.

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Add Ko-fi to your profile

  • Add your Ko-fi link to your bio: Your bio is the first thing people see. Make sure your Ko-fi link is front and center.
  • Update your display name: Consider adding a CTA like "Support me on Ko-fi" or “Join my Ko-fi Membership” to your display name to show followers exactly how to become a supporter.
  • Pin a post about your Ko-fi page: Use your pinned post to introduce your page or talk about your latest shop drop or membership rewards.

“Have links in your bio! I get a lot of traction from my Ko-fi in my X bio”

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Share directly from Ko-fi

  • Share Ko-fi content: Share every post, shop item, commission or membership tier update on Ko-fi with your followers. It makes it so much easier for them to click through and support you.
  • Regularly mention Ko-fi: Announce new content, items for sale, membership perks or goals.
  • Behind-the-scenes peeks: Give your followers a glimpse into your creative process or upcoming projects that are exclusively on your Ko-fi.

“If you're posting member-exclusive content on Ko-fi, tease your fans with a cut out preview on X. You never know who might see it and like to support you!”



Celebrate your goal progress and milestones

  • Share your goal: Just tap share on your Ko-fi goal to share your progress and encourage more support.
  • Goal updates and milestones: Post about your progress towards your goal and remind your followers what you’re working towards.
  • Tell your story with a thread: Create a thread about your journey and how Ko-fi support can help you achieve your dreams.

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Engage with your followers

  • Share your leaderboard: Tap share on your leaderboard to publicly celebrate your top supporters.
  • Reply and repost: Make an effort to engage with any replies and repost, especially those related to your Ko-fi page.
  • Create a Poll: Ask them what they’d like to see on your page, if you should start streaming or what project to tackle next.

Let every post be an invitation to your followers to become part of your creative journey on Ko-fi.

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