How to use Ko-fi with Twitch


Keep more of your earnings by asking your Twitch viewers to support you on Ko-fi (just 0-5% platform fees). There’s loads of cool ways to engage with your supporters during your streams. Let’s get started!

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Connect to Twitch

Head over to Stream Alerts and connect to Twitch. It only takes a few seconds and does so much to promote your Ko-fi on autopilot. By connecting you’ll be able to:

  • Receive payment alerts in chat: When you receive a payment a message will show in your chat. It’s a nice easy way to acknowledge your supporter and encourage more tips.
  • Show goal progress in live chat: An emoji based goal progress bar will appear in chat after you receive a payment.
  • Let the chatbot respond to commands like !kofi: Chatbot will share your links when someone uses the commands !kofi, !ko-fi, !kofishop, !koficommissions, !kofitiers. Top tip, put your commands in your stream description.
  • Send timed messages promoting your Ko-fi: Choose an interval to share your page in chat from every 15 minutes to 90 mins.

“I have Ko-fi alerts on and I have a random wheel that I spin when people donate. Fun things can happen and the supporter gets cool perks and prizes!”

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Put Ko-fi in your stream title and add a panel

Add your Ko-fi command or a call to action like ‘support me on Ko-fi’ to your stream titles. Update your Twitch bio to make your Ko-fi page easy to find, especially when you’re not online.

  • Mention Ko-fi in your stream title: Include a short call-to-action, inviting viewers to check out your Ko-fi page and include !kofi to signpost the chat command for your page.
  • Update your About section: Add your Ko-fi link to your ‘About’ section and update your bio to explain how Ko-fi supports your streaming and creative work.
  • Add your Ko-fi link to your Twitch panels: Create a dedicated Ko-fi panel under your stream. This makes it super easy for viewers to support you with just a click. Need some Ko-fi visuals? Check out these brand assets.


Set up Stream Alerts

Make your streams more interactive by setting up Stream Alerts for new donations, memberships, or sales. This immediate acknowledgement can encourage more viewers to support you.

Read this guide to learn how to set up stream alerts.

  • Setup a custom Stream Alert overlay: A simple overlay of your Ko-fi link with a custom call to action, color, sound and message. You can even set it to read out messages live.
  • Customize alerts with GIFs: Pick a fun GIF to celebrate getting support and make your supporter feel appreciated.
  • Add a goal overlay: Display your Ko-fi donation goal live on stream. It’s a visual motivator for your viewers to help you hit those milestones.

“I’ve found having my Ko-fi link on screen is very helpful! A constant reminder to all where to support me. I also have one of the Ko-fi gifs next to it for extra eye grabbiness!”

Make your Ko-fi supporters feel like VIP’s

  • Shout out Ko-fi supporters during streams: Live acknowledgements create a personal connection and encourage others to support as well.
  • Offer Twitch-exclusive rewards for Ko-fi supporters: This could be anything from exclusive game nights to Q&A sessions, adding value to supporting you on Ko-fi.
  • Use stream descriptions to detail Ko-fi perks: Make sure your viewers know what they gain by supporting you on Ko-fi, whether it's exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, or other perks.
  • Highlight Ko-fi support in Twitch clips: Whenever you receive support we’ll take a short 30 second clip. Find your clips in Payments & Orders (you’ll notice a Twitch icon if there’s a clip). Share your clips to thank your supporters and share your reactions.

“The number one tip for anyone streaming - have fun! If you're not enjoying the experience the level of entertainment you're presenting to others will be severely diminished.”

We can’t wait to see you earning more on Twitch with Ko-fi. If you need any help setting up alerts feel free to reach out to us. Happy streaming!


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