How to use Ko-fi with Github


Have you thought about giving your GitHub visitors a way to support your work? Start your free Ko-fi page to earn an income and connect with your GitHub community.



Make Ko-fi your "Sponsor" funding link in your repository

GitHub lets you add your Ko-fi page as a funding link so visitors to your repository can support your work! Here’s how:

  1. On, head over to the main page of your repository.
  2. Under your repository name, click Settings.
  3. On the "General" settings page, in the "Features" section, select Sponsorships.
  4. In the "Sponsorships" box, click Set up sponsor button or Override funding links.
  5. In the file editor, follow the instructions in the FUNDING.yml file to add your Ko-fi page in the following format.Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 09.26.41.png
  6. Click Commit changes or Propose changes.

That’s it, anyone seeing your repository will be invited to support your project on your Ko-fi page.



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Signpost your Ko-fi page

Make it easy for people to find out how to support your work.

  • Add your Ko-fi link to your README: Your project's README file is the first thing people see. Embed your Ko-fi link prominently, perhaps with a badge or a simple call to action like "Support this project on Ko-fi!"
  • Include Ko-fi in your repository descriptions: A quick mention of Ko-fi support in your repo descriptions can direct potential supporters to take a look at your Ko-fi.
  • Mention Ko-fi in your GitHub Pages: If you use GitHub Pages to showcase your projects, include a Ko-fi donation button or link on your site.


How developers earn more on Ko-fi

Thousands of developers are using Ko-fi to receive one off and monthly donations to help support their projects. There are loads of other ways to make a meaningful income from your work.

  • Acknowledge supporters in your project: Consider adding a Supporters section in your README or documentation, listing everyone who supports your project through Ko-fi.
  • Give early access to supporters: Let your Ko-fi supporters get early access to new features or versions of your software.
  • Create a membership: Connect with your most generous fans through Memberships. Give supporters perks like Discord roles, shout outs, steering group membership, early access etc.
  • Sell exclusive items or merch: Open your Ko-fi Shop to sell add-ons or merch to support your project.
  • Offer your services as requests: If you’re a developer, you have in-demand skills. Open up Ko-fi Commission requests to let people request a code review or request your help with a custom project.


Connect with your community

Talk with your supporters about your progress, thank them and get their input to improve your projects.

  • Update your community on your Ko-fi goals: Use the GitHub Discussions feature to talk about your Ko-fi goals and celebrate milestones.
  • Celebrate achievements and thank supporters: Whenever you hit a major milestone with your project, share an update thanking your Ko-fi supporters for helping to make it possible.
  • Engage with your supporters through Issues and Pull Requests: Acknowledge those who contribute, not just with code, but also those who support your work through Ko-fi. A thank-you can go a long way.


With Ko-fi, every commit, every line of code, and every project update can become an opportunity to build a community of supporters and drive your projects forward. Let’s code, connect, and create together!