How to use Ko-fi with Facebook


Whether you run a Facebook group, share content with your followers or you’re a Facebook gamer, Ko-fi can help you earn meaningful support from your community. Here’s how!

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Add Ko-fi to your About section and pin a post!

  • Add your Ko-fi link to your Facebook bio: Make sure your Ko-fi page is just a click away by adding it to the About section of your page.
  • Pin or feature a post: Introduce your page with a pinned post to let your followers know how you plan to use Ko-fi, your current goal and any rewards you're offering.
  • Mention Ko-fi in your posts: Regularly mention your Ko-fi page and remind your audience what their support helps you achieve. Whether it’s upgrading equipment or dedicating more time to your passion, let them know!

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Set up Stream Alerts for Facebook gaming

  • Set up Stream Alerts: Add custom Ko-fi Stream Alerts to your OBS. This way, you can show cool overlays while you stream and can thank your supporters in real-time. Learn more about how to set up Stream Alerts.
  • Customize your alerts: Make your Ko-fi donation alerts stand out with custom messages, sounds, and gifs. You can even display your Ko-fi Goal while you stream. This personal touch can encourage more viewers to support.
  • Shoutouts during streams: Offer to shout out new Ko-fi supporters live during your gaming sessions.

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Highlight your Ko-fi page, products and content

  • Share updates about your Ko-fi goals: Use your Facebook posts to share the milestones you're aiming for and celebrate when you reach them.
  • Spotlight your Ko-fi page content: Share new shop products, commissions listings or membership tier updates with your followers.
  • Exclusive content: Share content that’s only available to your Ko-fi supporters on your Facebook page or in a private group. Make it clear access is just a click away.


Talk with your followers and celebrate your supporters

  • Create Facebook events or live Q&A sessions: Interact with your followers, talk about your Ko-fi page and answer questions about supporting you.
  • Respond to comments and messages: Show your appreciation by engaging with comments and messages. A personal touch can go a long way.
  • Thank supporters publicly: Acknowledge your supporters contributions in a public post or during a live stream.

Every post, comment and stream is an opportunity to build support on Ko-fi!


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