How to use Ko-fi with TikTok


Here's how you can seamlessly integrate Ko-fi with your TikTok presence to turn views into valuable support.

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Make your Ko-fi presence known

Make sure your Ko-fi page is easy to find. Add the link, call it out in your bio and make a video about it.

  • Link your Ko-fi in your bio: Your bio is the perfect spot for your Ko-fi link. Make it easy for followers to find, tap and support you!
  • Use a TikTok video to introduce your Ko-fi page: Create a fun, engaging video explaining your Ko-fi page, what you offer, and how support helps you create more amazing content.

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Highlight Ko-fi in your videos

There are tons of ways to remind viewers of your Ko-fi page in your videos.

  • Share updates about your Ko-fi goals: Use your videos to talk about what you're aiming to achieve with Ko-fi support, whether it's upgrading equipment or dedicating more time to create.
  • Exclusive content: Tease content that's only available to your Ko-fi supporters, encouraging your TikTok followers to check out your Ko-fi page.
  • Create a simple call to action: Have a consistent call to action in your videos and in your description. Something like “If you want to help me create more videos like this, check out my Ko-fi page.”

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Give your viewers and followers something to buy

Donations are a great place to start earning from your TikTok videos, but you can grow your income by giving your biggest fans something to buy.

  • Set up a Membership: Build a monthly income by inviting your biggest fans to join your membership. Reward them with more access to you via DM’s or exclusive discord roles. Share longer form, exclusive content, bloopers or behind the scenes videos just for them. Get started with Memberships.
  • Sell something in your Ko-fi Shop: Why not sell merch to your fans in your Ko-fi Shop? Open your Ko-fi Shop.
  • Offer a service: Let fans commission you to create custom video messages. Set up Commission requests.

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Engage with your audience

  • Mention Ko-fi in your video captions: A quick mention of "Support me on Ko-fi" in your captions can go a long way.
  • Reply to comments: Engage with followers who show interest in supporting you. A personal thank-you or a quick mention of how they can support you on Ko-fi can make a difference.
  • Shoutouts to new supporters: Shoutout new Ko-fi supporters in your videos. A personal touch can encourage others to support you!
  • Stitch and duet with your supporters: If your supporters are also on TikTok, stitch or duet their content as a thank-you for their support, making sure to mention your Ko-fi page.

Take your TikTok to the next level and turn those likes and views into meaningful support on Ko-fi!


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