How to use Ko-fi with Medium


It’s now easier than ever to increase your income on Medium. Here’s how you can use a free Ko-fi page to receive support, sell your work and your services.



Add your Ko-fi ‘tipping’ link on Medium

Medium now lets you display your Ko-fi link on your stories! At the end of every article, readers will see a call to action to support you. Give readers a place to send their appreciation at exactly the right time (just after they’ve enjoyed your work).

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  1. On your homepage, click on your profile picture
  2. Click Settings from the menu
  3. In the Publishing tab, click Manage tipping on your stories
  4. Enter your Ko-fi link e.g.
  5. Click Save changes



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More ways to signpost your Ko-fi page

Once you’ve added Ko-fi as your tipping link, there are a few other ways top earners point readers to their Ko-fi page.

  • Include your Ko-fi link in your bio: Make sure your Ko-fi link is easy to find, inviting readers to support your writing journey directly.
  • Mention Ko-fi at the end of your articles: A friendly note at the end of your posts can encourage readers to head over to Ko-fi to show their support. Something like, “Enjoyed this piece? Consider supporting my work on Ko-fi to keep the words flowing!”
  • Include a call-to-action: Encourage reader engagement by asking questions or opinions at the end of your articles, alongside a gentle reminder about supporting you on Ko-fi.


Write about your goals and your Ko-fi page

A dedicated Ko-fi launch article or milestone progress article can really help create momentum and kickstart your earnings.

  • Create a dedicated article about your Ko-fi page: Write a post specifically about what your Ko-fi page offers, such as exclusive content, goals, and how reader support makes a difference.
  • Write about your creative process: Offer insights into your writing journey or the stories behind your articles, linking back to how Ko-fi support helps make all this possible.
  • Use Medium Series: Create a series that updates your readers on your Ko-fi goals, achievements, and how their support is helping. It’s a great way to keep the narrative engaging and ongoing.


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Earn even more from your writing

One-off tips and monthly donations are a great place to start earning from your writing. If you want to take it further and really grow your income, try some of these ideas.

  • Build a membership: Let readers join a membership tier and provide benefits like exclusive content, early access to drafts or serialized stories or give them exclusive roles in your Discord community.
  • Offer writing commissions: Did you know you can sell your services directly on Ko-fi. Offer writing commissions, workshops or courses, proofreading or copywriting services. All with just 0-5% platform fees. Try Ko-fi Commissions.
  • Open your Ko-fi Shop: Writers use Ko-fi to sell ebooks, writing templates and planners, tutorials and even merchandise! Open your free Ko-fi Shop.
  • Exclusives and early access to articles: Offer your Ko-fi supporters early access to your Medium articles before they go live for everyone else. Simply create a post and share the link with your biggest fans. Make sure you mention these exclusives in your public Medium posts.


Celebrate your successes and talk to your readers

  • Share your achievements: Write about reaching your Ko-fi goals, thanking your supporters, and highlighting the impact of their contributions.
  • Outline new goals: Keep your readers updated on what you’re planning next with their Ko-fi support, keeping the momentum and engagement high.
  • Respond to comments: Interact with readers who comment on your articles. A personal connection can encourage them to support your work on Ko-fi.


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