How to Use Ko-fi on Instagram


Learn how to promote your Ko-fi page on Instagram and boost your reach, connect with your audience and generate more meaningful support from your followers. Here are a few ideas and some creator examples we love!

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Add your Ko-fi link to your bio

First things first, let's get your Ko-fi link in your Instagram bio. This is the quickest way to let your followers know where they can support you. Mention your Ko-fi in your description to give your followers an extra nudge to check out your page.

  1. Copy your Ko-fi URL. Find it on your Ko-fi page.
  2. Edit your Instagram profile. Tap “Edit profile” on your Instagram page.
  3. Paste your Ko-fi link in the 'Add Link' section. You’re all set.

“Don't be shy! Share your link in stories, add a CTA at the end of your posts and make sure to remind people that they can support you on Ko-fi!”

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Prioritize video

Create Reels to show your community what's happening on your Ko-fi. It’s a fun and authentic way to let them in on all the cool stuff you're doing and we all know the Insta-algorithm loves video.

  • Video walkthroughs of how to support you on Ko-fi
  • Thank you video shoutouts for your top supporters
  • Videos showing the details of your shop items and commissions.
  • Share glimpses of your exclusive Discord community or other membership perks

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Highlight your Ko-fi page in stories

There are loads of cool ways to spotlight your Ko-fi page in your stories.

  • Share behind-the-scenes content or WIPs of your Ko-fi projects.
  • Showcase your membership benefits, shop products or recent commissions.
  • Use links and stickers to direct followers to your Ko-fi page.
    • After uploading content to your story, tap the sticker icon, click link sticker and add your Ko-fi page.
    • Use the question & poll stickers to ask your community questions about upcoming projects and build engagement.
    • Why not use these FREE stickers from the community
  • Make your Ko-fi a highlight to keep them visible beyond 24 hours.

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“Use tools on IG that actually let people click your link - put a link in your bio or your stories, don't just put your Ko-fi URL in the caption of a post.”

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Share posts about your Ko-fi content

Your posts are the heart of your Instagram presence. Let's make them count!

  • Share updates about your Ko-fi goals or what supporters’ contributions help you achieve.
  • Feature new your shop items or recent commissions to show followers what’s available on your Ko-fi page.
  • Post images or videos that showcase the value you're offering on Ko-fi, like exclusive content or rewards.
  • Pin a Ko-fi promo post to your profile, so it’s the first thing fans see. You could even pin three posts to create a banner, like sketches by sara.

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Chat with your audience

Engagement builds community, your community supports your work!

  • Ask questions in your posts or stories to spark conversations about your Ko-fi page.
  • Respond to comments and DMs with warm, personal replies. Make your supporters feel valued.
  • Run a Q&A or AMA session answering questions about your Ko-fi, shop or membership tiers.
  • Set up a broadcast channel and keep your followers up to date with your Ko-fi updates and announcements!

“Being able to directly send my Ko-fi link to followers who have signed up for the broadcast channel feels like an email list vibe but without them needing to leave Instagram.”

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Share your success

Celebrating your milestones on Instagram can inspire more followers to jump on the support bandwagon.

  • Share when you hit your Ko-fi goal and thank your supporters publicly.
  • Post about what their support has enabled you to do or create, reinforcing the value of their contributions.

Remember, every Instagram post, reel and story is an opportunity to connect with potential supporters. Let’s turn those double taps into support!


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