How to Use Ko-fi With Twitter


If you've got an audience on Twitter then there are so many creative ways to use Ko-fi to start making an income directly from your followers. Let's get started!

The Basics

The first thing to do is update your Twitter to show your followers you've got a Ko-fi page.


Add Your Page to Your Twitter Bio

Make sure your Ko-fi page is discoverable from your Twitter as a direct link in your bio or add your Ko-fi page to your directory site (like or

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BattleTabs   thetribegoddess


📌 Pin a Tweet

Introduce your page with a pinned tweet to let your followers know what you're using Ko-fi for and any rewards you're offering.


annamarabella grumble


Update Your Display Name

Add a Ko-fi call-to-action to your display name like "Support Me on Ko-fi", "I'm on Ko-fi" or your commissions status like "Ko-fi Commissions Open" to prominently direct people to your page.



Update Your Social Preview Image 

You can update the preview image and text that shows when you share your Ko-fi page on Twitter. Update it to reflect your own style, donation drives or promote new rewards!



💡 Tip: Connect to Twitter

Connect your Ko-fi to your Twitter account and let your fans know when you’ve received a donation.


Promoting your Ko-fi page on Twitter

Only a tiny fraction of your followers see a specific tweet, which is why it’s so important to regularly promote your Ko-fi page on Twitter!

📣 Share your goal progress and encourage more fans to support you. Tap the share icon next to your goal to update your fans and thank your supporters on Twitter!


🏆 Celebrate your top supporters with the Ko‑fi Leaderboard! Go to the 'See Leaderboard' link in the 'Top Supporters' section on your Ko‑fi page to view your public Leaderboard. You can then share on Twitter to recognize and thank the people who supported your work the most!


Here's a few more ideas 👇

  • Ask your Twitter followers to follow you on Ko-fi to see exclusive content
  • Share a sneak peek of exclusive content
  • Create a poll and let supporters vote on your next project
  • Shout out to top supporters and share thank you messages
  • Post reward reminders
  • Share your new goals, progress milestones and your completed goals

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Super Cute Awesome Stuff     LemonDruzy      Sophie Heywood


More Ways to Use Ko-fi to Make an Income on Twitter

Use Ko-fi posts for longer form blog content to share with your Twitter followers. Make your Ko-fi gallery your portfolio, share products to Twitter from your Ko-fi Shop or let followers commission something unique from you.


Share Posts

Ko-fi posts are a great way to share longer-form content with your followers, embed video, audio and links. Use posts to tell your Twitter followers about your creative plans and how you'll use the money you raise on Ko-fi.

  • Use Ko-fi as your blog
  • Post tutorials or how-to’s
  • Upload your latest podcast episode
  • Share your short stories or chapters

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Joanne Harris and the Storytime Band    Long Cat Media     Jessica Maybury


Look out for these social icons at the beginning and end of your published posts to share on Twitter!


Share Your Gallery & Individual Images

Keep your Twitter followers updated with your latest work. You can share a link directly to your full gallery or share links to individual images you upload.

  • Use your gallery as your portfolio
  • Share WIP images and behind the scenes


To share a Gallery image to Twitter, open your image and click the arrow to open the pop up, then click the Twitter icon.


Share Your Commission Menu & Status

With Ko-fi Commissions you can display your commission status, create a menu of commission options and show available commission slots. Don’t forget to keep your Twitter followers up to date!

  • Sell commissions and services to your followers
  • Let them know when you have 1 or 2 slots left


Elle Linton | keep it simpElle

💡 Tip: Pricing

Offer a temporary promo for a commission option and share it with your followers!


Share Your Ko-fi Shop Products

Promote your Ko-fi Shop digital and physical products on Twitter and promote

  • Limited editions
  • Short term discounts
  • Product feedback and reviews you've received



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