What if I don't like coffee?

Coffee is just a friendly metaphor used for giving and receiving support, there isn't actually any coffee involved. Some people just prefer to ask fans to buy them a coffee rather than asking for a ‘donation’.

When someone buys you a ‘coffee’, you receive that sum of money which by default is set to $3 (change the unit price in Settings > Payment).

01-donation panel.gif

You get the money directly and instantly into your own PayPal or Stripe account.


Change ‘coffee’ to just about anything

You can change the metaphor from coffee to something that suits you better in Settings > Payment.

02-Change ‘coffee’ to just about anything.gif

We've seen everything from Tea, Pizza and Cola to some really fun ideas. You can:


What is the coffee counter?

The coffee counter displays how many "coffees" you’ve been bought. For example, if your unit price is set to €1 and you receive a €5 donation, your counter will increase by 5 coffees.

03-What if I don't like coffee1.jpg

You can turn it on/off from Settings > Page


How to turn off the coffee metaphor

If you think your supporters might find the metaphor confusing or if you would just prefer a simpler experience, you can switch to donation mode from Settings > Payment.

04-turn off the coffee metaphor-.gif

The payment tile on your page will read ‘Support YourName’ instead of ‘Buy a coffee for YourName’. Switch donation settings any time you like.

If you’re having trouble with your coffee metaphor, you can reach out to us here. 💌