What is Ko-fi Gold?

Ko-fi doesn't take a cut of your donations ($5m+ each month is earned with 0% fees from us) and we don't show ads on your page either. Subscribing to Ko-fi Gold helps us run the service and unlocks all Ko-fi features, removes all platform fees for premium features and gives you new ways to personalize your page.


Ko-fi Gold Creators Earn 7.2x More!

We analyzed over 80,000 pages comparing what our Ko-fi Gold creators earned compared to free pages. The results showed Ko-fi Gold creators earned on average 7.2x more than Ko-fi free members.


Ko-fi Gold Features

  1. Offer Membership Tiers & supporter-only content with 0% platform fees
  2. Sell products in your Ko-fi Shop with 0% platform fees
  3. Take Commissions and offer requests with 0% platform fees
  4. Change the "coffee" metaphor to... anything you like
  5. Claim a shorter Ko-fi username (3 letters and up)
  6. Choose a color for your page
  7. Link your page to Google Analytics
  8. Premium, direct support from Ko-fi experts
  9. Preview new features first

You'll also get a Gold badge on your page to publicly show you're supporting the creative community and helping us make Ko-fi better for everyone!


Membership Tiers (0% Platform Fees)

- Patreon alternative


Build a reliable monthly income with Ko‑fi Memberships! Let your most important fans support you at different tiers and unlock unique benefits like Discord roles, exclusive content or physical rewards! 

Learn more about Memberships


Ko-fi Shop (0% Platform Fees)

- Shopify, Etsy alternative

Sell digital or physical products directly from your Ko-fi page with just a link. It only takes 60 seconds to launch your Ko-fi Shop and start selling your products. It's everything you need (file hosting, pay what you want pricing, shipping calculations) without all the hassle or fees of e-commerce software. Plus it links to supporter rewards to give customers extra benefits!

Gold Perks for Shop

  • 0% platform fee on sales
  • More products (free members are limited to 150),
  • 200GB File storage (25GB for free members),
  • 5GB per file (2GB for free members)

Learn more about Ko-fi Shop


Commissions & Requests (0% Platform Fees)

- Trello, google forms alternative


momolovespaper   nyanafk   The Noise Next Door

Ko-fi Commissions is a super-easy way to sell a service or custom project to your audience from your Ko-fi page. Set up a menu of services like a custom art request, poem, tutorial, or 1:1 interaction like a video call. Offer add-ons and set your own terms. Get paid instantly, directly, and up-front from your commission buyers directly into your PayPal or Stripe account with 0% platform fees. 

Learn more about Ko-fi Commissions & Services


Personalize Your Page With Ko-fi Gold

Creators often say how much nicer it is to ask for a coffee rather than just "a donation". If coffee isn't your thing or if there's something more relevant to what you create you can change the metaphor to something more personal to you.

Shorter usernames are another exclusive perk of Ko-fi Gold. Make your page easier to say, type, and remember with a shorter 3 letter+ username.

Start using your Ko-fi Gallery as a portfolio to showcase your work. With Ko-fi Gold your images will be displayed at a higher resolution and you can also allow supporters to download hi-res versions (a really quick and easy supporter reward).

Try Ko-fi Gold (cancel anytime) and supercharge your Ko-fi earnings!


Invoice for Ko-fi Gold

Request an automatic invoice for your Ko-fi Gold by raising a support ticket