What does “Page Unpublished” mean and what should I do?

An unpublished Ko-fi page means that the page has been suspended - usually temporarily. Unpublished pages can still be accessed/updated by you but will not be viewable to the public nor will it be possible to send Direct Messages (DMs) to other users while the page remains unpublished.


Why Do Pages Get Unpublished?

Ko-fi pages are usually unpublished if they violate our guidelines and/or terms.

There are some other reasons why a page might alternatively be unpublished, which are explained in our guidelines here.

Ko-fi pages...

  • Can be reported by anyone and we’ll investigate
  • May be flagged by our automated screening systems
  • Are reviewed by our Trust & Safety team after being flagged or reported


Why Can Links to/From Other Places Result in My Page Being Unpublished?

Because people earn money through Ko-fi, we need to consider what connection if any, their content/activity on external pages, profiles or sites has to their Ko-fi page.

However, even if there is no financial connection, a Ko-fi page may be affected if it has linked to or from external pages/profiles/sites of a predominantly illegal, hateful, sexually explicit, or otherwise violative nature that contravenes our guidelines. In circumstances where a Ko-fi page specifically links from Ko-fi to illegal content/activity, the page will be unpublished.

We recommend reading in more detail about our linking rules here.


Requesting Republishing

If your page is unpublished, you’ll receive an email from us; we’ll send this to the email address that is connected to your Ko-fi page. As well as explaining why your page has been unpublished, this email contains a direct link through which you can submit an appeal.

If you have not received this email or are having trouble accessing your email account, you can contact us here.


Do Pages Always Get Republished?

Ko-fi pages are republished in most cases, but not always.

Pages that are not eligible for republishing will have been permanently unpublished or banned.
Reasons for this include:

  • Reaching three out of three strikes on your Ko-fi page(s), resulting in permanent suspension - this means that any remaining or newly created Ko-fi pages will also be unpublished or banned as this will count as a permanent suspension. Read more about our strike system

  • Permanent suspension on a previous page for a reason other than strikes - this is likelier to be connected to the severity of an action or behaviour and/or the overall unsuitability of a service or content as per our guidelines