How do I report a page?

Seen something suspicious? 🕵️‍♀️ Help us keep Ko-fi safe. If you come across a page that seems to be breaking the rules, reporting it allows us to take action.

Here's how to report a page:

  1. Report Button: Scroll down to the bottom of the Ko-fi page that you wish to report and click on the "Report" button. We'll ask you for a few details and you'll be provided with the option to provide any evidence such as links to the suspicious content. copy 3-1.gif

  2. Submit a ticket: If your report involves images, attachments or needs a response from us, consider submitting a ticket.


Will the page owner know it was me?

No, we will only request your email address if you're submitting a DMCA notice as the copyright owner which helps facilitate our investigation.

If you are a target of harassment, we’ll also give you a chance to send us your ko-fi page, for example: so that we can investigate your report.

When you submit a ticket, providing an email is necessary, but rest assured this is for internal use only and we will not disclose your identity to the reported page owner.

What should I report?

You can report issues associated with Ko-fi pages including:

  • Scam or fake pages
  • Violent or hateful content
  • Prohibited adult or explicit content
  • Harassment or hate speech
  • Unauthorized use of your copyright-protected content

This list isn't exhaustive, so make sure to check our guidelines below for more details.


If your report involves not receiving an item or if there's an issue with an unfulfilled commission, it's best to have a look at our guide or submit a ticket to our support team.


What happens after I report a page?

Once we receive your report, the trust and safety team aim to review it within a few days. In accordance with GDPR regulations, and other best practices we do not provide updates as to the outcome of reported pages and actions taken. Rest assured, we thoroughly investigate every reported page we receive and ensure appropriate action is taken.

What happens when I have more information but I have already submitted a report?

Please feel free to submit a support ticket or report the page a second time with further information and we will consider it alongside your original report.

If you initially submitted a report via a ticket, you can reply to the email acknowledgement we sent to provide more information.

Ko-fi's rules and guidelines

Understanding Ko-fi's rules will help ensure a great experience here. You can find more information by reading our:

Terms and conditions

Prohibited Content and Uses of Ko-fi

Copyright Guidelines

Content Guidelines on Physical Items

Using the NSFW Tag

We're here to help, so if you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 👋