Prohibited Content and Uses of Ko-fi

Ko-fi believes in freedom for creators to produce the content that they want and their fans enjoy. However, Ko-fi must be a safe place for everyone and cannot be a venue for illegal, hateful, violent or sexual content.


Payment Provider Requirements

Without payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe, there can be no Ko-fi.

Ko-fi facilitates payments using PayPal and Stripe. As a result, creators must adhere to the guidelines and terms of use imposed by PayPal and Stripe. Ko-fi needs to take action to remove content and restrict Ko-fi members from using the platform should they violate the terms set out by our payment partners.

For the avoidance of doubt, Creators must not use Ko-fi in any way which conflicts with PayPal's acceptable use policy or content that conflicts with Stripe's prohibited businesses terms which creators themselves agree to on an individual basis when they sign up to these services.


Strictly Prohibited Adult Content

For the reasons above, Ko-fi cannot be used as the venue for sexually explicit or adult-themed content (including links to or from such content). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexual services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per-view, or adult chat
  • Pornography, nudity, depictions of rape, incest, bestiality and any other adult or obscene content including implied, suggested or censored in any form such as imagery (including illustrative, videos or literature).
  • Fetish content of any kind including "Findom" (financial domination) themes
  • Overly sexually suggestive content including imagery of non-nude people in provocative positions or scenarios.


Censoring Otherwise Adult Content

Censoring otherwise adult content is also strictly prohibited. This includes:

  • Censoring otherwise adult content with emoji's, illustrations, blurring, or other methods;
  • Covering nudity with body parts or objects;
  • Offering uncensored versions of content to subscribers or at third-party sites or links.


Other Strictly Prohibited Content or Uses of Ko-fi

Ko-fi pages and content must also not be used in connection with any of the following:

  • Any activity that violates any law or governmental regulation industry requirements or money laundering regulation.
  • Hate speech, intimidation or abuse of any kind targeting any individual, group, or institution.
  • Funding a ransom, human trafficking or exploitation, vigilantism, bribes or bounty.
  • Products or services that directly infringe or facilitate infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party.
  • Spreading false information including links to and from the platform which is fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate or dishonest.
  • Transactions for the sale of items, goods or services including digital downloads with the purpose of avoiding paying taxes.
  • Raffles, lotteries, giveaways or games of chance where a fee is paid to enter and winners are selected at random.
  • Violent or excessively gory content or content that glorifies violence in any way.

Read the full terms and conditions of use here.


What if I Tag My Page as NSFW?

Ko-fi does offer the ability to tag your page as NSFW. The NSFW tag does not permit Ko-fi members to use their page or create content that does not comply with this policy. Find out more about when to use the NSFW tag.


Limited or Unpublished Accounts

Accounts which have been flagged as inappropriate by our payment partners, Ko-fi page viewers, Ko-fi staff or our auto-filtering technology may be either limited or unpublished. Learn more about what to do if your seeing a "Pending Review" or "Page Unpublished" message when you login to Ko-fi.