Pinning Ko-fi to Your Phone Home Screen (Like an App)

Pinning Ko-fi to Your Home Screen

You can make Ko-fi an icon on your phone so it's quick and easy to access without having to type in the web address and log in each time you want to use Ko-fi.


Pinning Ko-fi to Your Android Home Screen

Log in to Ko-fi on Chrome, tap the 3 dots in the top right of the screen and choose Add to Home screen.



Pinning Ko-fi to Your iPhone Home Screen

Log in to Ko-fi on Safari, tap the Image-from-iOS.png icon on the bottom menu and choose Add to Home Screen.



Does Ko-fi Have an App for Apple iOS or Android?

Not yet, it is on our roadmap as a future project. 

When we spoke with the community about what you think should be included in the app, the majority of people said they just found it awkward to type in Ko-fi on mobile browsers. Pinning Ko-fi to your home screen hopefully helps while we work on the app.