What personal information is shared on Ko-fi as supporter?

We know your privacy is key, that’s why we only require a little bit of information from you to complete a payment (usually just a name and email).

Your payments go directly from you to the creator using PayPal or Stripe. Those payment providers control what is shown on bank statements or in the PayPal dashboard.


Is Ko-fi anonymous?

In short, that depends on how you choose to support the creator. When you make a simple donation to a creator the only information they see on Ko-fi is your display name and email address. You can make your message private (so only the creator sees it) or even log out and support the creator as a guest so you’re fully in control of what is shared on the Ko-fi platform.


If you buy a physical item, or subscribe to a membership tier which includes physical items, we collect and share your address details so you can receive your goods. Some couriers require a phone number too so creators can request that as part of the shipping information.


What personal information is shared by payment providers?

We don't control what payment providers share, so reach out to them if you need to know more about their data sharing. Here’s a basic summary:

PayPal payments

Whether you're using a personal or business PayPal account can affect what information is shared during transactions. Personal accounts typically display your legal name and email. If you prefer more privacy or control, consider a PayPal Business account. This allows you to choose the name and email displayed during transactions. Upgrading to a business account is usually free.


Stripe (card) payments

When you pay using your card Stripe captures the same information it would for a normal e-commerce transaction. Details such as your legal name, email address, bank and a portion of the address the card is registered to is available to the stripe account holder. Find out more about the information available to a Stripe merchant here.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌