Create a Poll on Ko-fi

With polls, you can ask your supporters what they’d like to see next from you, how they feel about your latest work, or whatever else you’d like to know! This guide will show you how to set up your poll for supporters, members or everyone. Polls are a fantastic way to boost engagement and connect with your community.


How Polls work

Simply draft your question, set your choices, and decide who can vote—everyone or just those who have supported you before. You can also determine how long the poll will run. Once the poll ends, we'll notify you and all the participants.


Set up your Poll

Ready to engage your audience with a poll? Here’s how to get started:

Go to Polls (Your about page > Add Something > Create Poll) to set up your poll.

Create Poll settings Polls post

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  1. Input the question you want to ask your supporters.
  2. Add a description or some more context around your poll.
  3. Add up to 50 choices for your poll.
  4. Allow multiple answers for your poll.
  5. Set your poll length.
  6. Decide which audience can participate in your poll. More details on this below.
  7. You can publish your poll immediately, schedule it for later, or save it as a draft if you’re not ready to go live.
  8. Manage any scheduled posts or drafts whenever you need.

🎉 Voilà! Your poll is now set up and ready for sharing!


Once your poll is published, you won’t be able to edit the question or the choices.


Share your Poll

Once your poll is live, use your link to share it far and wide.


When you share your link, you’ll have a social preview ready. Share your poll on your socials to drive more engagement!



Choose who can vote on your poll


Choose who gets to participate in your poll:

  1. Everyone: Open to all, but voters need a Ko-fi account.
  2. All Supporters: For anyone who has supported you in the past 30 days.
  3. Monthly Supporters: Exclusively for those who support you monthly.
  4. Members: Specific membership tiers to ensure the right people have access.


What happens when your poll ends?

As soon as your poll wraps up, we'll send a notification to your followers who voted, liked, or commented and also send them an email. You’ll also receive an email when your poll ends.


Can I end a poll early?

Absolutely! If you need to wrap up your poll sooner than planned, just head to your poll, click ‘Edit’, and then ‘End Poll’. To shorten the duration, select your new end time and hit ‘Save’.


Got questions or need a hand setting up your first poll? We're here to help. Feel free to submit a request our way. 💌



I’ve made an error on my poll

If you have made an error, you can edit your poll (Head to your poll > Click three dots > Edit), you can change the audience, description, and duration.

Can a voter change their vote?
Once a vote has been cast, it cannot be changed.
Do my followers, supporters, or members get notified when I post a poll?

Yes, if they are eligible to vote, they will receive an email invitation to participate in your poll from


How can I find out when my poll ends?

You can check the exact ending time of your poll by navigating to your Poll > Edit. The end time will be displayed in blue.

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Are polls anonymous?

Currently, you won’t find out who voted on your poll.