How to share a SoundCloud track on Ko-fi


You can share music you've created, podcasts, interviews or just a recording of your thoughts with your Ko-fi followers or supporters directly from SoundCloud.


Sharing a SoundCloud Track on Ko-fi

  1. Upload your audio file to SoundCloud
  2. If you want to make the audio clip exclusively available on Ko-fi make sure you set the Privacy setting to "Private" (Optional)

  3. Click save to publish your clip to SoundCloudSoundcloud3.png

  4. Choose mceclip1.png to load your sharing link and copy the address of the link


  5. Login to Ko-fi, go to your page and add an Audio Post

  6. Paste your SoundCloud link into the Url field

  7. Add a title and description for the postSoundcloud5.png

  8. Choose your audience. Recent supporters & subscribers includes people who've supported you in the last 30 days and subscribers (available if you have monthly subscriptions activated) or choose just subscribers to allow only monthly subscribers to hear the clip.Choose-Subs.png

  9. Click Preview Post

  10. Share the link to your post wherever you're active. We'll also send your followers a message to let them know you've added a new post.