Uploading GIFs on Ko-fi

Posting a GIF allows you to play a looped image which animates on your page, use GIFs in Posts, Gallery, Commissions, Membership Tiers and Shop. 


An example of a GIF  - rys_jhncrl

Will My GIF Animate? 

Ko-fi allows GIF sizes up the usual image limits (8MB for free accounts and 20MB for Gold subscribers). Only GIFs sized 4MB & under will animate when clicked open and if your GIF is 250KB & under will animate instantly (no click required). 



GIF under 250KB before being opened - Nangtendo


 GIF under 4MB before being opened - MechaBrain


GIF under 4MB after being opened - MechaBrain

Examples of Gifs in Action

GIFs to Liven up Your Posts


binoftrash's Ko-fi Post


Add GIFs in Your Gallery


gatekid's Gallery


Animate Your Membership Tier Images


cocokewi's Membership Tiers

Use GIFs as Commission Examples


BB Buttersnom's Commissions

Animate Your Shop Listings


Miu_A's Ko-fi shop

GIF Size Too Large to Animate?

Try to resize smaller using a GIF editor, like ezgif.com. Ko-fi are planning to increase upload limits in the future. 

Selling GIFs?

If you sell GIFs in your Ko-fi Shop, make sure you upload the highest quality files as the Asset. Use a smaller sized GIF to animate your shop listing (You can add a watermark to the preview version).

We are looking to seeing your page come alive! ❤️