Creating posts? Let's make them shine! ✨

Posts are your go-to magic tool for sharing all sorts of updates. Whether it’s making an announcement with a quick update, sharing a captivating story through a blog post, showcasing your latest work-in-progress with an image post, or giving a sneak peek into your creative process with a behind-the-scenes video or a snippet of your newest audio track.

Use Ko-fi Posts to:

👋 Introduce your page

🎁 Offer rewards

🔗 Share links to your cool stuff

📣 Give updates on your projects

🔒 Offer early access

🎧 Share audio clips

🏆 Explain your goal

🎞️ Show your creative process through video

This article will guide you through the different kinds of posts you can make, how to create them, and how to share with your audience.



5 Different types of posts on Ko-fi

When posting, you've got 5 types to choose from:

Quick Updates are great for sharing a quick note about what's new with you.

Blog Posts are perfect for longer stories. Mix in some images and videos to make it more entertaining.

Image Posts are similar to a blog post but spotlights the image you upload. Share a finished drawing or a works-in-progress. Any image you upload goes to your gallery.

Video Posts embed your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or Instagram. Makes it a breeze for followers to watch right from your posts tab.

Audio Posts feature your tunes or podcast from SoundCloud, MixCloud, or Spotify. Let listeners stream directly from your posts tab.


Creating your post

Ready to make your first post? Here's how:

  1. Log in and head to your page.
  2. Click the Create button, then Add Something.

Pick the type of post you want to make. Except for quick posts which get posted right away, they're pretty similar in setup. Each type shines a spotlight on your chosen media:

  • Image Post - Your image takes center stage.
  • Blog Post - It's all about your words.
  • Video and Audio Posts - Your embeds (from platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud) get the spotlight.



Formatting your post

Once you've chosen your media, you'll land on the post editor page.

Post Editor On your Ko-fi page

post-editor-with-orbs-numbers 1.png

  1. The title describes what your post is about. It's also used to create the link to the post and pops up when shared on social media.
  2. Body content is where you add the main content of your post.
  3. Add a featured image using the browse button and add an image. Your image will display at the top of the article, in previews, and on social shares. For your post to look its best, try to upload an image with an aspect ratio of 2:1 or 600 x 300px.
  4. Embedded content URL is where you paste in links of your videos (like YouTube) or audio (think SoundCloud).
  5. Use the toolbar to control the styling of your text and layout, add links, embed videos and images from here.
  6. Label your post with tags. They're not for searches now, but will be handy when we improve the tag function.
  7. Pick the audience who sees your post from everyone, monthly supporters, or specific membership tiers (more info below).

Either press publish, click the arrow to save a draft or schedule the post to go live at a point in the future.

Voila 🎉 your post is now live.


You can always edit your posts by tapping your post and selecting the pencil and notepad icon pencil-notepad-symbol.png. Just remember, quick updates can't be edited.



Preview, publish, draft or schedule a post

If you are not quite ready to publish your post, you've got a few choices at the bottom right of the editor. Click the down arrow to:


  1. Publish now: Publishes your post straight away.
  2. Schedule: Pick a date and time, and let Ko-fi post it for you later. (more info below)
  3. Preview: Take a sneak peek at how your post will look live.
  4. Save draft: Saves your post as a draft until you decide to post it.

And there you have it, your post is all set!


To find your drafts or scheduled posts, just click “See drafts & schedule”. On mobile, tap “Add something” then “See drafts & schedule”. On desktop, it's under the posts tab.

drafts and schedule.png


Share your posts

Once your post is live, any followers or supporters will be notified on their Ko-fi page, they will also get an email. Don’t forget to share it with your followers on social.

Share a post by going to the post you want to share, scroll to the bottom of your post. Then press the link button to copy your link or publish directly to X or Facebook.

share-post 1.png

If you’ve added a featured image, it’ll show up as the preview image when you share it on social media. If not, no worries – Ko-fi’s got a preview image ready for you.

share-post-live 2.png

Remember, sharing is caring! Keep your fans in the loop with your latest updates.🌟


Adding images to your post

You can add images to a blog post via the plus button on mobile and then the image symbol on your toolbar.


You can add an image to your post via an image URL or from your files. You can use popular formats like JPG, JPEG, GIFs or PNG.

Once you images are uploaded, you can resize your image, add alt-text, links or even caption your image. When your image is posted, it will also appear in your gallery.


Multi-image posts

With multi-image posts, you can add up to 8 pics to a single post and let viewers swipe through. Its a nice way to display works in progress or share your creative process, and display your work!



How to create a multi-image post?

  1. Tap ‘Add Something’ (or on desktop, ‘Create’ > ‘Post Something’) > choose ‘Image’ > select up to 8 images.

  2. Add a title, description, and choose your audience (Everyone, Supporters, or Members if you’ve set up Membership Tiers). Tap ‘Post images’!

  3. See your post on your feed and share it on social!


Adding links to your post

Want to point your fans to another post or let them download content? Adding links to your posts is super easy. Whether it's your latest social media update, a cool blog, or a downloadable file, here's how to do it:

  1. Select the text you want to turn into a link in your post.
  2. Click the Link icon.
  3. Paste in the URL and voila – your text is now a clickable link!

Want it to open in a new tab? Just check the "Open in new tab" option.



Use Dropbox or Google Drive to share files or folders. Just add the link to your post using the link feature.


Embed a video in your post

Got a cool video to share? Embedding videos in your posts is super easy, whether it's a YouTube vlog, a creative Instagram reel, or a Twitch stream highlight, here's how to do it:

  1. Hit the plus icon, then choose the video icon in your toolbar.
  2. Paste your shareable URL from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, Dailymotion, or Twitch.

You can even set your video to autoplay when your post is clicked.


Need more details? Check out these handy guides:

How to share a Vimeo video

How to use Ko-fi with Youtube

How to use Ko-fi with Instagram

Bring your posts to life and keep your supporters engaged with awesome video content! 🎥✨


Select an audience for your posts

You get to choose who can see your posts. Maybe you want to give a special sneak peek to your supporters or offer exclusive content to those who join your membership tiers.

Here's how you can set your audience:

  • Everyone - open to all. Anyone can view this post.
  • All supporters - includes anyone who's donated in the past 30 days and your monthly subscribers.
  • All monthly supporters - everyone giving recurring donations or members of any tier.
  • Tier members - select the minimum tier for access. Higher tiers automatically get access too.

Feel free to change the audience for your posts whenever you like.

Want more info on setting your audience? Check out these handy articles:


Schedule your posts

Want to post at specific time but can't be there to hit 'publish'? No worries, schedule it! You can set your posts to go live at a specific date and time in the future.


The schedule is based on your local time zone. For example, if you're in the UK and schedule a post for October 31st at 23:00 GMT, it will show up for your US fans on October 31st at 19:00 CST.


Managing your scheduled posts is easy. Just head to "See drafts & schedule" under your posts tab. Here, you can reschedule, publish early, or even delete your upcoming posts using the handy three-dots menu.


Scheduling gives you the freedom to post when your audience is most active, even if you're off doing other awesome things. Set it and forget it! 📅


Delete a post

You might need to remove a post after it’s been published. No stress, just find the post you want to delete. You'll see three dots on the post preview – click on them and choose “Delete”.


Remember, once a post is deleted, it's gone for good. So make sure it's really the one you want to say goodbye to! 🗑️

We're here if you need us. Feel free to send a request our way. 💌



What do tags do in posts?

Right now, think of tags as placeholders in your posts. In the future tags could be used to organize your content or help new people discover you. Keep using tags in your posts, and stay tuned for updates!

Are my supporters notified when I post something?
Yep, they sure are! If your supporters are part of the audience you've set for your post, they'll get notified on their page and by email. For instance, if your post is for 'everyone', all your followers and supporters will know about it. But if it's just for your top tier, only those members will get the heads-up.
Can I directly upload videos/audio directly to Ko-fi?

Not just yet. For now, upload your videos or audio to a supported platform and then share the link or embed it in your Ko-fi post.

  • For Videos: YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Dailymotion, Instagram, and Vimeo.
  • For Audio: Mixcloud, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


Can I edit a quick update?
Not at the moment. Once a quick update is out there, you would have to delete it if something isn’t quite right.
What features are coming to Ko-fi Posts?

We're enhancing posts with features which allow you and your viewers to filter your posts. But here are some of your top requests:

  • Tools to organise posts
  • Tools to filter posts
  • Pinned posts
  • RSS feed/ JSON/ Webhook for posts.

Stay tuned, and keep creating amazing content! 🚀🎨