Upgrading monthly Supporters to Memberships

You can now automatically upgrade existing monthly supporters to a tier of membership.

Membership Tiers are a more flexible way of building a recurring income, they encourage larger monthly commitments and give creators more ways to offer benefits and rewards. Learn more about Membership Tiers here.


Step 1 - Add Your Tiers

Head to Memberships and set up your Membership Tiers. Learn more about how Membership Tiers and benefits work in this article.


Step 2 - Upgrade Monthly Supporters

If you have existing monthly supporters and have set up at least 1 membership tier at a price point equal to or below the amount the monthly supporter paid, you should see the option to "Upgrade My Monthly Supporters".


By clicking Upgrade My Monthly Supporters, all eligible supporters will be automatically assigned to the minimum Tier available based on the amount they most recently paid. 


How Will Monthly Supporters be Notified of the Upgrade?

Each monthly supporter will receive an email notifying them they are now a member of one of your tiers (we use your chosen Tier name in the email). The email also confirms they do not have to make any changes or do anything to confirm they are now a Member as this happens automatically.


How are Tiers Assigned?

Monthly supporters are automatically assigned to a tier based on the amount they most recently paid as part of their monthly subscription. The amount you receive from each monthly supporter will not change when they become members.

E.g. You have 3 monthly supporters. Supporter A, B and C. 

  • Supporter A pays $1 per month,
  • Supporter B pays $3 per month,
  • Supporter C pays $12 per month.

You decide to set up Tiers and offer $3, $5, $10 and $15 Tiers. You want to convert your monthly supporters to Members of Tiers so you choose to "Upgrade My Monthly Supporters".

  • Supporter A does not gain access to any Tiers, but remains a monthly supporter paying $1 with access to content set to be available to "All Monthly Supporters"
  • Supporter B joins the $3 Tier, continues to pay $3 monthly and gains access to content for All Monthly Supporters and any content set to $3 and above.
  • Supporter C joins the $10 Tier, but continues to pay $12 per month (Tiers have a minimum price, not a fixed price). 


Can Converted Members Change Their Tier?

Yes, but the process depends on when and how they became monthly supporters.

If your monthly supporters subscribed to you before Memberships was launched, your monthly supporters will be able to join additional tiers, but will have to manually cancel their original subscription following the steps in this guide.

If you chose to offer "Simple Monthly Donations" from the Memberships menu and chose to convert subscribers to members of a tier they will be able to switch Tiers directly from their Account & Billing menu. In this scenario Ko-fi will automatically handle the change in how much they pay.