What is Ko-fi?

Ever wanted a simple way to say 'Thank you!" to a creator whose work you love? Meet Ko-fi, the fun and friendly way to support your favorite creators. $200 Million earned so far!


How does Ko-fi work?

Creators set up their personalized Ko-fi page and share it with their lovely fans (like you). When you visit a creator’s page, you can choose to make a donation and also leave a short message of encouragement if you like, and that's it! The money goes directly to the creator, acknowledging their hard work and fuelling their passion to keep going.


Freedom for the creator

Creators can use Ko-fi as a simple ‘tip-jar’ to receive donations or expand it to offer loads more. They can create membership tiers with rewards, set up stream alerts, sell physical or digital products in their Ko-fi shop or even offer commissions and services. All of this from one place!


Creators keep more of their money

Ko-fi charges just 0-5% platform fees for the service (most other services take between 12% and 30%). That means more of your money goes directly to the creator. You can learn more about our fees here.


Safe and secure payments

We don’t mess with your money. Payments are sent instantly and directly from you to the creators own PayPal or Stripe account. Ko-fi doesn’t process payments, hold on to the money or make creators wait for payouts.


What’s the coffee part?

Lots of creators choose a metaphor for the donation. By default that’s ‘coffee’, but creators can change it to something else if they like. There’s no actual coffee involved, it can just feel a bit friendlier to buy your creator a coffee!


What type of creators use Ko-fi?

We’ve had millions of creators use Ko-fi over the years. From crafters to spiritual healers, cat rescuers to jazz groups. These are just a few creators we love:

🎨 ArtistsMochi BuddiesTofuChris Sale

🦸‍♀️ CosplayersChrissy Plays DressupBlack BettieVicious Frockery

✍️ WritersLou YardleyLatoya Shauntay SnellShannon Ashley

🎙️ PodcastersLong Cat MediaSquawking DeadOn Second Watch

💻 DevelopersCyber BarbieJennyJustinpinkney

📺 StreamersEric CampbellShenanjegansBobDuckNWeave

▶️ Video CreatorsThe Girl With The Pilates MatTaraFrank James

🎵 MusiciansVictoria BanksKutskiOpen Collab


Still have questions about Ko-fi? Send us a request here.