Does Ko-fi Take a Fee?


Ko-fi Takes 0% Of Your Donations

You deserve to keep more of your money! You’re doing the creative work, they’re your fans so why should you pay a % of your income just to receive donations?

Around $4m in donations per month is given on Ko-fi and unlike almost every other service we’ve taken 0% platform fees on all of it!

Donations go directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. We just get a notification that the transaction was successful so we can update the creator's page, but we do not take a fee from donations.


Do Payment Processors Take a Fee?

PayPal and Stripe do take their normal transaction fees which will vary based on the type of account, location and currencies used but it's usually 2-3.4% + $0.30.

Minimise fees taken by payment processors by making your currency on Ko-fi the same as the currency you receive most donations and increasing the unit price if it's very low in Settings > Payment.



How Does Ko-fi Make Money?

We don't show adverts or sell your data, Ko-fi makes money from Ko-fi Gold subscriptions and donations to our own Ko-fi page. If you choose to use Ko-fi Commissions or Shop but aren't a Gold subscriber you will pay a 5% platform fee on membership, commissions and shop sales.

  Free Gold
One-off Donations 0% 0%
Crowdfunding (Goals) 0% 0%
Membership Tiers 5% 0%
Ko-fi Commission Sales 5% 0%
Ko-fi Shop Sales 5% 0%


How Can I Support Ko-fi?

Some creators have asked us for an easy way to help support Ko-fi’s progress. That’s why you can now opt-in to contribute 5% of your donations to making Ko‑fi better 🙌. 

Turn it on/off whenever you like from Settings > Payment.


If you do opt-in you’ll get a special badge on your profile and a great feeling that you are making a real difference to the future of Ko-fi.


We strive to be the most creator-friendly donation and monetization platform and that's why we don't take a fee from your donations and with Ko-fi Gold there are no platform fees at all!