What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is the easiest, friendliest way to turn your creativity into income. Whether you’re just starting out or have millions of fans Ko-fi gives you everything you need to earn money from your creative work.


Introducing Ko-fi

Ko-fi lets creators like you set up a page, a bit like a social media profile, where your biggest fans can support your work. Supporters can make a donation (roughly the price of a coffee) and leave you an encouraging message. You can use Ko-fi to share your work, sell items or services, and even make money while streaming on Twitch or YouTube.


Who uses Ko-fi?

Over a million creators have chosen Ko-fi as their digital home. From painters to podcasters, streamers to software developers. If you’re an online creator, create a free page and start making an income doing what you love! Check out some of these amazing creator pages for a flavour of the community:

🎨 Artists: Mochi Buddies, Tofu, Chris Sale

🦸‍♀️ Cosplayers: Chrissy Plays Dressup, Black Bettie, Vicious Frockery

✍️ Writers: Lou Yardley, Latoya Shauntay Snell, Shannon Ashley

🎙️ Podcasters: Long Cat Media, Squawking Dead, On Second Watch

💻 Developers: Cyber Barbie, Jenny, Justinpinkney

📺 Streamers: Eric Campbell, Shenanjegans, BobDuckNWeave

▶️ Video Creators: The Girl With The Pilates Mat, Tara, Frank James

🎵 Musicians: Victoria Banks, Kutski, Open Collab


Why choose Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is free, flexible and super easy to get started. You can set up a page and be earning money in just a few minutes.


It’s free!

Unlike almost every other service, Ko-fi is free to use for donations. For premium features, there's just a creator-friendly 5% platform fee.


Everything you need in one place

Every creator is unique and the way you want to receive support today will probably change in the future. That’s why on Ko-fi you can earn money in so many ways. From one place you can offer:

  • One-time or recurring donations
  • Membership with different levels, benefits and price points
  • Physical and digital items from your Ko-fi Shop
  • Requests, services or commissions
  • Stream Alerts and overlays with integrations with Twitch and YouTube


Easy and low pressure

We often hear from creators that ‘Ko-fi is so easy to use’. Setting up Donations, Memberships or Shop takes just a few minutes and you’re always in control. Post content when it suits you, turn on and off different ways of receiving support and we don’t mess with your money, it goes straight to you!

Claim your free Ko-fi page and start making an income doing what you love!



How do I get paid?

Simply connect your own PayPal or Stripe account and you’re good to go. When you receive a payment it goes directly to your own payment account, no waiting for payouts or minimum balances. Find out more here.

What’s the ‘Coffee’ concept all about?

Buying a ‘coffee’ is just a friendly metaphor. You can change the coffee metaphor to something else like pizza or ‘unicorns’, whatever suits you! Or even switch to donation mode in settings if you prefer it that way.

How much does Ko-fi cost?

For premium features, there's a creator-friendly 5% platform fee. PayPal and Stripe’s normal card processing fees also apply. Find out more about fees here.

Will my supporters have to create an account?

No, they can support you as a guest or create an account to unlock supporter-only benefits like content or Discord roles.

Do I have access to my supporter list?

Absolutely, you can download your supporter email list anytime you like.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

There’s no limit to what you can earn. Loads of creators are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on Ko-fi.

How secure is Ko-fi?

We don’t store payment information, we run on the Microsoft Azure cloud and have features like Two Factor Authentication to keep your account secure.