How do I switch to a PayPal Business account?

Discover how to upgrade to a PayPal Business account and enjoy enhanced control and features for your creator journey!


Why switch to a PayPal Business account?

Using a Personal PayPal account means your legal name and email are shared on PayPal receipts and the PayPal dashboard. Switch to a Business account, and you get to:

  • Pick a business name that shows instead of your legal name
  • Choose the email your supporters see

You can learn more about what’s involved in switching to a business account here.

Want to know more about what info is shared? Check out our articles for creators and supporters.


Switch your PayPal Personal account to Business

Start by logging in to your PayPal account, then follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to your ProfileIcon Settings.
  2. Under Account Options, click Upgrade to a Business account.

    unlock-paypal 1.png

  3. Enter your business details and proceed with the on-screen steps.

    paypal-signup 1.png

Voila! You’ve switched to a PayPal Business account. 💼


When you're upgrading to a PayPal Business account, you have two options: either set up a new account with a new email or upgrade your current account with the same email. Should you opt for a new PayPal Business account with a different email, remember to unlink your old PayPal account and link the new one in Ko-fi Settings > Payment.


Since Ko-fi is a direct payment platform, your existing monthly or membership payments are linked to your initial PayPal account. If you've created a new PayPal Business account instead of upgrading your original one, your subscriptions will still be directed to your old PayPal account. To address this, you can advise your members and monthly subscribers to cancel their current subscription and then re-subscribe using the new PayPal account.

If you have any trouble making the switch, or you have more questions about a PayPal Business account, you can get in touch with PayPal Support here.


Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us here. We're here to help! 💌



Do I have to use a PayPal Business account?

Not at all! It’s your call if you want to switch to a PayPal Business account.

I can’t connect my PayPal Business account!

Here are a couple of tips if you’re stuck:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache/cookies
  2. Try a different browser or device

Still having trouble? Drop us a support ticket and we’ll help sort it out!

Does upgrading to PayPal Business impact my supporters and their experience?

No, your supporters won't notice any changes when they pay you through PayPal Business.

How does tax work with a PayPal Business account?

If you have questions about taxes on Ko-fi, you can find detailed information in our help article here.

I don’t want to use PayPal

If you don’t want to use PayPal, you can use Stripe to accept payments instead. You can check here to see if Stripe is available in your country.