Set your Ko-fi Goal

Whether you’re raising money for a creative project or covering bills, setting a goal on Ko-fi is a friendly way to tell your supporters what they’re contributing towards.

No matter if you reach your Goal or not, each payment goes straight to your payment account for you to keep. Setting a Goal offers a nice visual to track your progress. Share your Goal on social media to build support, and celebrate milestones with your community! 🎉


Pages with a goal are 2.4 x more likely to receive 5 donations or more.


How to set up your Goal


To set your Goal, scroll down on your Ko-fi page and hit Add.

Options to create your Goal will pop up and you’ll fill in the details. Here’s how it will look on your page and in your goal interface.

Goal on your page Goal interface
  1. Goal Title: Name your Goal something simple like “Art Tablet Fund.”
  2. Goal Description: Explain what you're raising money towards in under 500 characters.
  3. Target Amount: Choose the total amount you need to meet your Goal. Stick to round numbers, like $500 not $500.05.
  4. Starting Amount: Already raised some money outside of Ko-fi towards your Goal? Add that amount here and your Goal will start at that amount. If you already have $95, add it here to start your Goal with some progress.
  5. Show Target Amount Publicly: Tick this to display your total goal amount or untick to show the percentage of your Goal’s progress.

After you’ve set your Goal, simply click "Start New Goal" and your Goal is now live!


Every donation, commission sale, and recurring payment (like monthly donations and memberships) helps you reach your goal. However, payments from your shop sales don't count towards your Goal.


Share your Goal

Once you've set your Goal, it's time to let the world know. Click the share icon mceclip0.png next to your Goal to spread the word to your fans.


You can share straight to X (Twitter), Facebook, or make your own custom post for other platforms. Every time you share, your Goal's progress will be displayed in the preview image.


Don't forget to share your progress and say thanks to those who support you. It's good to keep your followers updated.

Twitter Facebook Your own


What happens when I reach my Goal?

Remember, each payment is paid instantly into your account, your Goal is just a nice visual way to show what you’re putting it towards. You don’t have to wait for your Goal to be completed to get your payments.

If you’ve hit your Goal, congrats! You’ll see a notification on your page when you reach it.


Share this exciting news with your supporters, it's a great way to show what you've achieved together.


Feeling inspired? Maybe it's time to set a new Goal and keep the momentum going!


Change your Goal

If you need to edit your Goal, click the Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 15.45.39.png three dots to edit your Goal details.

Here's what you can do:

goal-options  copy 1.png

  • Edit Goal: Update the current total, change the goal amount, or adjust other details like your Goal description.
  • Set New Goal: If you've hit your Goal or want to aim for something different, start a new one. Don’t worry, setting a new Goal without reaching your current target amount doesn’t affect the money you’ve already earned towards that goal. Remember payments go directly to your own PayPal or Stripe account. Your Goal is just a nice way to show your supporters what you’re putting it towards.
  • Remove Goal: If you decide to delete your Goal entirely.


Add a Goal overlay on Twitch or Youtube


You can add a goal overlay to your stream to show live progress of your Goal. Show your viewers/members how close you are to reaching your Goals, inspiring them to support you. To get started and learn more here.


Top tips to achieve your Goal

  1. Set a relevant goal: Align your Goal with what you create. For instance, podcasters might want to raise funds for new equipment, and artists for art supplies.
  2. Tell your story: Share why you’ve set your Goal on your Ko-fi blog. Explain your goal, how you'll use the donations, and any supporter rewards. Don't forget to share!
  3. Offer rewards: Encourage donations by offering rewards like exclusive content, special Discord roles, or social media shout-outs.
  4. Start with friends and family: Get early donations by sharing with your close circle first, as others are more likely to donate when they see existing support.
  5. Regular social media updates: Keep your supporters engaged with frequent updates. Share milestones and express gratitude to maintain momentum.

For more ideas and examples of how you can use a goal, read this article.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌



What contributes to my Goal?

Tips, donations, recurring payments (like membership and monthly donations), and commissions all count. Just remember, shop sales don't count.

Can I set multiple goals?
Right now, you can have only one goal at a time on your page. Feel free to change your Goal whenever you need to. Many creators post updates when they reach their goals.
What happens if I don’t reach a goal?
No worries, if you don't hit your Goal or need to change it early, you still keep the payments you already received. Goals are just a means to show supporters what you're aiming for.
Why is my Goal not showing up on my profile after setting it?
Make sure your Goal amount is a whole number (e.g., $100, not $100.05), ensure you've set a target amount and not just a starting amount, and check that your description is less than 500 characters. If you're still facing issues, please feel free to get in touch.
Can I add money I receive outside of Ko-fi to my Goal?
Yes, you can include outside funds in your starting Goal. Just make sure to track the amount and the reason for adding it, as this won't be recorded on Ko-fi.
What features are coming to Ko-fi Goals?
We're enhancing Goals with new features. Here are some of your top requests:
    • Choosing specific payments to contribute to your Goal.
    • Setting monthly Goals.

We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌