My Page isn't showing payments I know were made on Ko-fi

Check your Payment Status

If you've received payments in your PayPal or Stripe account but your Ko-fi Page hasn't updated to reflect them first check your Received & Given menu and check if the payments are set to 'Pending' or any status other than completed.

This article explains what to do with payments showing as 'Pending'


If the payment isn't showing in Received & Given or on your Page (feed, goal update, Ko-fi's received), but you did receive the PayPal receipt for a Ko-fi transaction and have received the money into your PayPal account there may be an issue with your PayPal setup.


Checking Your PayPal

Step 1 - Log in to PayPal on a desktop/laptop (not a phone or the PayPal app). Check to see if you have any notifications on your PayPal dashboard and resolve those first.

Step 2 - Check that PayPal themselves are not having problems over at this status page. If PayPal are showing anything other than 'Operational' the issue could be with PayPal's service not Ko-fi or your PayPal account. 



Checking Your PayPal IPN Settings

When someone transacts with you on Ko-fi, PayPal sends Ko-fi an IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) which tells Ko-fi that the payment was successful. We update your Page, Ko-fi Counter, Goal, Feed etc when we receive this IPN.

If you're sure you received the money and a PayPal email confirming a payment and it still isn't showing up on Ko-fi then IPN's on your PayPal may be disabled or not working properly.


Enabling IPN's

When logged into PayPal on desktop you can check your IPN status

Make sure you don't have anything in the Notification URL box and IPN messages is set to 'Do not receive IPN messsages (Disabled). It should look like this.


Re-sending IPN's

When logged into your PayPal business account on a desktop you can you can resend IPN's to update your Ko-fi with any missing transactions


If you are using a personal account on Ko-fi you will need to raise a support ticket and send the team your PayPal receipt emails and Page name so we can try to do this for you.