Can I use the same PayPal or Stripe account for multiple Ko-fi pages?

If you need multiple Ko-fi pages, that’s fine. You can even link them all to the same PayPal and Stripe account so the money from your different projects or personas is sent to the same place.


How to set up multiple Ko-fi pages

To create a page when you already have one:

  1. Whilst logged out of your current Ko-fi, visit Ko-fi's sign-up page to start.
  2. You’ll need to use an email address that’s unique to that Ko-fi account.
  3. You can connect to the same PayPal and Stripe accounts to all your pages. Just set this up in your payment settings.

settings-page 1.png

These steps will have your new pages up and running smoothly! 🌈👍


Do I need multiple Ko-fi pages?

It depends on your interests and goals:

Multiple accounts are best if you have different passions or businesses and want to keep them separate. This is especially useful if you have different audiences.

Single Ko-fi accounts are best if you create within one niche and want to offer different features like Commissions, Memberships, and Ko-fi Shop.


We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌



Can I merge Ko-fi pages?

Currently, account merging is not available, but we've taken note of this as a feature that creators and supporters might find useful.

Can I share my logins with anyone?
We don't recommend sharing your logins; they should be kept for your eyes only.
If I pay for Ko-fi Gold membership, can it apply to both pages?
You’ll need a separate Ko-fi Gold subscription for each Ko-fi account you have.