Trouble finding Ko-fi payments

If you can see a payment on Ko-fi, but the funds aren’t in your connected payment account, here’s what to do.

1. Check your payment status

Visit Payments & Orders and review the payment status. If it's marked as 'Pending' or anything other than completed, your payment is not likely to be cleared in your payment account. Learn more about payments with a pending status.

Pending payment info  1.png

To check where a payment has gone, click "View Details." At the bottom of the transaction, it should indicate whether it was paid to Stripe or PayPal. You can click the link to view it within your Stripe or PayPal account.


Additionally, PayPal offers a guide on payment statuses and how to manage them.


Payment does not appear in my payment history

If the payment doesn't appear in your history, it's possible the supporter's payment may have failed. Refer to our help article to troubleshoot issues or direct them to our guide on failed payments.

Check there are no restrictions or warnings on your Stripe and PayPal accounts that could stop you from receiving payments. Log in to PayPal and/or Stripe on a desktop/laptop (not a phone or app) to check for notifications or status updates like 'limited' or 'restricted.' Resolve any issues directly within the payment platform.


2. Check the PayPal email address and Stripe account linked with your Ko-fi

On Ko-fi, supporters pay you directly into your own payment account (we don’t hold funds or process payments). If a payment appears in your Ko-fi account but not in your connected payment account:

  1. Check your transaction history to confirm if the payment was sent to your PayPal or Stripe account.


  2. If you can’t find the payment in the relevant payment account, check any previously used or connected accounts. If you’ve changed your payment details recently, payments may have been sent to an old account.

  3. If you've followed these steps and still can't find your payment, contact our support team here.


3. Check PayPal or Stripe’s service status

Confirm that PayPal and Stripe services are functioning normally by checking their status pages: PayPal status and Stripe status. If either service is anything other than 'Operational,' you may encounter payment-related issues or delays.


We're here if you need us or if you have any suggestions. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌