Received payment to the wrong PayPal account

If you haven't connected your PayPal account to Ko-fi and instead added your PayPal email for payments, you might have accidentally used the wrong email address. If you’ve received a payment to this PayPal account, don't worry, we're here to help!

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There's a way for supporters to cancel the payment to the incorrect account, which we’ll explain below. However, if that's not an option, they can start a dispute process with PayPal.


Let's guide you through the steps to sort out this situation:

1. Update your connected PayPal email:

If you've used the wrong PayPal email address on Ko-fi, don't worry. The first step is to correct your PayPal email address in your payment settings. This ensures that future payments are directed to the correct PayPal account.

2. What if payments have already been made to the wrong account?

If payments have already been sent to the wrong account, here's what you or your supporter can do next:

PayPal’s guide for supporters provides a helpful guide with detailed steps depending on the payment status. It might be beneficial to share this guide with your supporter.

  1. Payment still unclaimed: your supporter can cancel it by following the guide above. Once they receive their payment back, they can pay you again, to the correct account.
  2. Payment already completed: your supporter can email and request a refund using the email address the payment was mistakenly sent to.
    1. No response from the recipient: In the unfortunate event of no response from the recipient, your supporter can dispute the payment following PayPal’s guide here.


If a payment remains “unclaimed” for 30 days, it will be automatically refunded to the supporter. If this doesn't happen, please reach out to PayPal support for further assistance.

If you still have any questions about PayPal or need help with anything else, feel free to raise a support ticket. We're here to support you! 💌