Why is my payment showing as pending?

Ko-fi operates on direct payments, meaning the money from your supporters goes straight into your PayPal or Stripe account. Sometimes, payments may be 'pending' due to security checks or errors.


How to check your payment status

Visit the Payments & Orders tab to see your payment status. Look for a grey status note at the bottom left of your transaction details.

Pending payment info  1.png

A 'pending' status indicates your transaction isn't complete yet. Click the “i” help dot for more info on your pending payment.

pending-payment 1 1.png


What to do if a payment is pending?

Here’s what to check if a payment to you hasn’t gone through:

  1. eCheck payments Payments via eCheck take a while to process, as PayPal checks for safety. Payments usually clear in 5 working days. If it's taking longer, there might be an issue with the supporter’s payment. Get more details on eCheck transactions.
  2. Verify your PayPal account Unverified PayPal accounts can cause pending payments. Log into PayPal on a desktop and check for any alerts to fix this issue.
  3. Payments in a new currency Payments in a new currency may need your approval on PayPal. Look for messages in your PayPal account. Accepting the first payment in a new currency might require manual approval. See PayPal’s currency management help article for more info.
  4. Check your PayPal email A pending status can also mean an incorrect PayPal email linked to your Ko-fi account. Make sure the email in Payment Settings matches your PayPal login email. Learn how to fix a wrong PayPal address in our help article here.


Other PayPal payment statuses

Check out this PayPal guide to understand different statuses and any actions you may need to take.


Exclusive content access for pending payments

Supporters won't be able to access exclusive content while their payment is pending. They'll gain access once the payment is complete.


Helping supporters with pending payments

You can help supporters with payment issues, by directing them to our help article for assistance. If you need more help, contact our support team by submitting a ticket.

We're here if you need us. Feel free to send any questions our way. 💌