I've used the wrong PayPal email address.

Changing your email address

You can change your PayPal email address in Settings > Payments

What if payments have already been made to the wrong address?

Ko-fi doesn't handle the money that is sent. The payment is made from your supporter's account, directly to your PayPal account and relies on the email address being spelt correctly. So we have no way to redirect the payment after it has been sent.

If the 'wrong' email address is one that you own (or if you can register the email address), but it isn't currently associated with your PayPal account, you can add it to your existing PayPal account as a secondary email address. If this is done within 30 days this should be enough to receive the funds.

Tip: You can have up to 8 email addresses associated with your PayPal Account.  Any of the 8 addresses can be used to accept money.  

If the email address is not associated with any PayPal account, PayPal will normally keep trying for 30 days after which the payment will be returned to the sender. During this time, the status will show as 'Pending' in Ko-fi and the supporter should see a status on PayPal of 'Unclaimed'.

Unfortunately you will not be able to retrieve funds in your paypal if you can't add the email address that was used at the time the payment was made. Ko-fi cannot retrieve those funds for you.